Ch 19: Pneumonia & Pneumothorax

About This Chapter

Study this lesson to improve your understanding of what pneumonia and pneumothorax is, what causes them and treatments for them. Use this knowledge to help improve your understanding of information you need to know for first aid and CPR training.

Pneumonia & Pneumothorax - Chapter Summary

Pneumonia and pneumothorax can cause people to become serious ill, and in worse case scenarios death. Use the short lessons of this chapter to test your understanding of what these diseases are, how they can be prevented and how infected people can recover. These lessons are mobile device compatible and come with short quiz/worksheet assessments which you can use to test your understanding of the material covered in them. After completing these lessons and assessments, you should know more about:

  • Differences between pneumonia and bronchitis
  • How bacterial and viral pneumonia differ
  • What walking pneumonia is
  • How pneumonia is transferred
  • How pneumonia can be prevented
  • What recovering from pneumonia and related complications involves
  • What pneumothorax is, types and causes
  • What the symptoms and treatments for pneumothorax are
  • Differences between hemothorax and pneumothorax

11 Lessons in Chapter 19: Pneumonia & Pneumothorax
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Pneumonia vs. Bronchitis

1. Pneumonia vs. Bronchitis

Do you want to know the key difference between pneumonia and bronchitis? This lesson defines both words and describes how they are fundamentally different.

Bacterial vs. Viral Pneumonia

2. Bacterial vs. Viral Pneumonia

Have you heard of pneumonia? Did you know it could be caused by many different things? Two of them are bacteria and viruses. Find out what kinds may lead to pneumonia thanks to this lesson.

Pneumonia vs. Walking Pneumonia

3. Pneumonia vs. Walking Pneumonia

We are going to gain an understanding of the basics of pneumonia such as the causes, symptoms, and treatment. Then a description of walking pneumonia will be given for comparison.

What is Walking Pneumonia? - Symptoms & Treatment

4. What is Walking Pneumonia? - Symptoms & Treatment

The term Walking Pneumonia seems like a contradiction, but it is indeed an actual malady! In this lesson you will learn the causes, symptoms, and treatments of walking pneumonia.

Pneumonia: Transmission & Prevention

5. Pneumonia: Transmission & Prevention

Pneumonia can be a deadly disorder. This is why you need to know how it is spread and how to protect yourself via numerous preventative strategies. This lesson covers how pneumonia develops and what you can do to avoid contracting pneumonia.

Pneumonia: Recovery & Complications

6. Pneumonia: Recovery & Complications

Pneumonia is an infection in the lungs that comes in many forms. Recovery depends on an individual's overall health and the severity of their case. We'll learn about recovery and possible complications in this lesson.

What is Pneumothorax? - Definition & Causes

7. What is Pneumothorax? - Definition & Causes

Have you ever heard of a collapsed lung? It turns out there is more than one kind. This lesson focuses on the kind that is called pneumothorax as well as its causes.

Pneumothorax: Types & Causes

8. Pneumothorax: Types & Causes

There are many ways to classify a pneumothorax. This lesson teaches you about two major classifications, three large groupings, and their subtypes and causes.

Pneumothorax: Symptoms & Treatment

9. Pneumothorax: Symptoms & Treatment

Pneumothorax can be almost nothing at all, or an extremely dangerous condition. Thus, it's important to recognize its signs and symptoms as well as potential treatment options.

Treating Pneumothorax: Surgery & Complications

10. Treating Pneumothorax: Surgery & Complications

Treatment for pneumothorax sometimes requires surgical treatment. When this is needed, there can be complications from the surgical procedure. Let's take a look at these complications and how to treat them.

Hemothorax vs. Pneumothorax

11. Hemothorax vs. Pneumothorax

Hemothorax and pneumothorax have the same suffix, cause similar problems, and may even be caused by similar things, but they are not the same. Learn the difference between the two conditions in this lesson.

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