Ch 13: Poems for Kids

About This Chapter

Bite-sized lessons in this informative chapter offer access to poems for kids you can use in the classroom. Improve your students' comprehension of different types of poems while strengthening your instructional techniques by utilizing this chapter's helpful teacher resources.

Poems for Kids - Chapter Summary

In this self-paced chapter is an overview of different types of poems you can share with your students during your lessons. Improve their understanding of poems through fun verses about topics that include bugs and butterflies. This chapter can strengthen your curriculum and help you develop well-rounded lesson plans for class. Taking advantage of this chapter can also enhance your classroom instruction.

All lessons in this chapter are available anytime your schedule permits, thanks to around-the-clock computer and mobile device accessibility. Review the lessons in any sequence and as often as you'd like as you develop your curriculum and lesson plans. Use the Dashboard to keep track of your progress through this chapter and submit any questions you have about lesson topics to our experts.

How It Helps

  • Covers different topics: The lessons in this chapter ensure you have access to poems covering a variety of topics.
  • Offers convenience: This chapter makes lesson planning simple by conveniently placing a number of teacher resources in one location.
  • Enhances student comprehension: Resources in this chapter enable you to develop quality lessons that effectively strengthen your students' comprehension of poems.

Skills Covered

Completing this chapter will enable you to:

  • Incorporate bug poems into your curriculum for young students
  • Share poems about butterflies to your students during lessons

11 Lessons in Chapter 13: Poems for Kids
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Animal Poetry Lesson Plan

1. Animal Poetry Lesson Plan

With this lesson plan, your students are going to use animals as subjects in poetry. They will explore the animal as a literal and metaphorical subject, and apply this in a number of poetic formats.

Haiku Lesson Plan for Elementary School

2. Haiku Lesson Plan for Elementary School

This lesson plan shows students how to write a haiku. Students will select something in nature and brainstorm sense perceptions about it. From this list of senses, they will compose an original haiku.

Haiku Games for Kids

3. Haiku Games for Kids

Writing Haiku poetry helps elementary students explore the use of descriptive language to create an image or feeling for their reader using very few words. These activities will help students develop writing skills through Haiku.

Bug Poems for Kids

4. Bug Poems for Kids

Kids love learning about bugs! This excitement can be a great way to engage kids in lessons about poetry. In this lesson, you'll read several famous poems about bugs and get some ideas on teaching those lessons.

Poems About Butterflies for Kids

5. Poems About Butterflies for Kids

Learning about butterflies can be an amazing experience for children. This lesson offers ideas about poems that help make learning about butterflies into a celebration of literature as well as nature.

Shape Poem Lesson Plan

6. Shape Poem Lesson Plan

Use this lesson plan to teach your students how to write shape poems. Students will read our informational text lesson that explains a shape poem and provides examples, then will follow along with a shared writing with your guidance. Discussion questions, a quiz and hands-on learning make concepts stick.

Shape Poems Lesson for Kids: Definition & Examples

7. Shape Poems Lesson for Kids: Definition & Examples

Have you ever felt bored of writing in the same old way? Learn what a shape poem is and how much fun it can be to create! Also, see some fun examples and learn some general guidelines for writing a shape poem!

Cinquain Poem Lesson Plan

8. Cinquain Poem Lesson Plan

Teach your students what a cinquain poem is and how to write one. Students will read our text lesson explain the components of cinquain poems, view examples, and put learning to work by producing a cinquain of their own. Discussion questions, guided writing and a quiz help you make sure all students learn.

Cinquain Poems: Lesson for Kids

9. Cinquain Poems: Lesson for Kids

Oftentimes, people think that all poetry rhymes and looks like the type of poems we read in greeting cards or on Valentine's Day. Some poetry takes a different form. In this lesson, you will learn about cinquain poems.

Diamante Poem Lesson Plan

10. Diamante Poem Lesson Plan

Teach students about diamante poems with this lesson plan. A text lesson explains what they are, the two main types, and finally how to write them. Guided and shared writing support the learning process so students confidently apply concepts to independent writing.

Diamante Poems: Lesson for Kids

11. Diamante Poems: Lesson for Kids

Not all poems look the same. In fact, some of them follow very specific patterns, including the shape of the poem. In this lesson, you will learn about diamante poems and how to write them.

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