Ch 2: Poetic Types & Styles

About This Chapter

In this chapter you can review various forms and stylistic aspects of poetry. Our short lessons go into what distinguishes poetic genres as well as related definitions and examples.

Poetic Types & Styles - Chapter Summary

This chapter explores the different types of poetry and their stylistic characteristics. You'll learn about the structure and construction of these forms while reviewing their definitions and seeing them demonstrated in examples. Topics covered include:

  • Narrative poetry
  • Examples of lyrical poems
  • The sonnet
  • Types of odes
  • Defining and exemplifying ballads
  • Characteristics of epic poetry

You can use the practice quizzes accompanying each lesson to confirm your understanding of the content topic-by-topic. These quizzes can help prevent you from getting lost as you go, directing you right back to the related portion of the lesson whenever you answer incorrectly. At the end of the chapter, you can test yourself in a more overall fashion by taking the practice final exam.

6 Lessons in Chapter 2: Poetic Types & Styles
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Narrative Poems: Types & Examples

1. Narrative Poems: Types & Examples

Some of history's most famous heroes have been immortalized in narrative poetry: King Arthur, Odysseus, and even Jed Clampett. From Homer to Chaucer to Poe to The Beverly Hillbillies, narrative poetry has been used to preserve some of the world's greatest stories.

Lyrical Poems: Types & Examples

2. Lyrical Poems: Types & Examples

From Shakespeare to Keats to Tennyson, many of the great masters of poetry have written short, non-narrative poems known as lyrics, which convey an emotion or image in carefully wrought language. We'll look at a few types and examples in this lesson.

Sonnets: Definition & Examples

3. Sonnets: Definition & Examples

If you want to profess your love in a poem, you might not think to look back a few hundred years for inspiration. Learn how some of the greatest poets in history used the sonnet to woo their lovers.

Odes: Forms & Examples

4. Odes: Forms & Examples

Have you ever appreciated something or someone so much you were inspired to write a poem? If so, then the ode is the poem for you! Learn about the three types of odes and how they are used to celebrate the people and things.

What is a Ballad? - Definition & Examples

5. What is a Ballad? - Definition & Examples

Let's learn about the poetical form of the ballad and examine two of the most famous English ballads. We will learn about the common traits of ballads and how they relate to modern music.

Epic Poetry: Definition, Heroes & Stories

6. Epic Poetry: Definition, Heroes & Stories

Learn about epic poetry in the ancient world. Explore two epic poems, ''Gilgamesh'' and ''The Iliad'' and discover the information these poems contain about the cultures that created them.

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