Ch 2: Political Culture Flashcards

About This Chapter

Make use of these flashcard sets for an interactive way to check out how much you know about political culture. These flashcards will jog your memory about major political science topics, including propaganda and more.

Political Culture Flashcards - Summary

The flashcard sets available in this chapter offer you an entertaining way to learn about key concepts related to political culture. Go through the flashcard sets to commit important facts to memory. Out of all the flashcard sets in this chapter, some of the topics you will review include the following:

  • The uses of propaganda
  • Many more political science topics

How They Work

These flashcards let you run memorization drills over and over again, which can help lock all the facts and major details about political culture into your brain.

  • Open a flashcard set for the political culture topic you're studying.
  • Identify the image, word, name or event on the flashcard.
  • Click the button to flip the card and view the answer.
  • Select whether you got it right or missed it to keep track of your progress.
  • Click the Next arrow to proceed through the flashcard set.
  • Review the political culture cards you missed or shuffle all cards back in and go through them again.

6 Lessons in Chapter 2: Political Culture Flashcards
Propaganda Flashcards

Propaganda Flashcards

This set of flashcards will help you to learn more about different types of propaganda. This set also covers important topics that are relevant to the historical usage of propaganda.

Progressive Movement Flashcards

Progressive Movement Flashcards

The Progressive Movement was a time in America's early twentieth century during which citizens became more politically active. Their desires to clean up the economy, the government, and the working world brought about many of the developments included in these flashcards.

Populist Movement Flashcards

Populist Movement Flashcards

In this flashcard set, you will learn about the American Populist movement of the late 1800s. We'll explore the important people in the movement and some of the ideas that were important to them.

Populist Party Beliefs Flashcards

Populist Party Beliefs Flashcards

The idea of a two-party political system has always garnered controversy in American history. These flashcards detail the formation, position, and lasting results of the Populist Party, one of the largest third parties formed in the 1800s.

Capitalist Countries List & Flashcards

Capitalist Countries List & Flashcards

Capitalism is one of the most prominent economic systems in the world today, but no two countries practice it the same way. These flashcards introduce the concept of a capitalist economy, the forms capitalism can take, and lists countries with capitalist economies.

Marxist Terms Flashcards

Marxist Terms Flashcards

This set of flashcards introduces the vocabulary and basic concepts of Marxist philosophy, the basis of communism, and the historical setting that inspired its formation.

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