Ch 2: Political & Ethical Issues in Studying Gerontology

About This Chapter

Use video lessons in your study of the political and ethical issues related to the study of gerontology or the aging process. Each lesson is followed by an online quiz and the opportunity to see how well you grasped the key points found in the videos.

Political & Ethical Issues in Studying Gerontology - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

The experience of aging is not exactly the same for each individual, and many forces affect that process. In this chapter, our instructors will explain the various forces and influences that play a part in aging. You will also be introduced to some differences of opinion in the scientific community related to adult development and aging. This chapter is designed to teach you:

  • The various forces that affect adult development
  • Examples of aging's developmental effects
  • How culture and ethnicity might affect the aging process
  • The basis of the differences of opinion related to the study of aging

Video Objectives
The Forces of Adult Development: Biological, Psychological, Sociocultural & Life-cycle Identify and describe four main forces that shape development, including biological, psychological, sociocultural and life-cycle forces. Provide some examples of those forces of development.
The Developmental Influences of Aging: Definition & Examples Define and describe normative age-graded influences, normative history-graded influences and non-normative influences on aging.
Cultural & Ethnic Influences on Aging Discuss how culture and ethnicity can influence aging.
Controversies Surrounding the Study of Adult Development and Aging Define and discuss nature vs. nurture, stability vs. change, continuity vs. discontinuity, and universal vs. context-specific development theories.

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