Ch 24: Polyhedrons & Geometric Solids

About This Chapter

With the help of the online video lessons in this chapter, elementary school students can learn about the characteristics and different kinds of polyhedrons and geometric solids. Each lesson is accompanied by a short practice quiz.

Polyhedrons & Geometric Solids - Chapter Summary

Through the video lessons in the Polyhedrons & Geometric Solids chapter, you can increase your elementary school students' understanding of the area and volume of pyramids, cones, prisms and cylinders. Students can also learn to count the edges and vertices of polyhedrons. After students complete the last quiz, they can take the chapter exam.

Chapter Lessons and Objectives

Lesson Objective
Characteristics of Polyhedrons Students explore the sharp corners, straight edges and vertices of polyhedrons.
Types of Polyhedrons Instructors cover the types of polyhedrons, including toroids and pyramids.
Counting Faces, Edges and Vertices of Polyhedrons Students are taught to identify polyhedra and to count edges and vertices.
Front, Side and Top View of 3-Dimensional Figures Teachers cover different views of sliced three-dimensional figures.
Nets of 3-Dimensional Figures In this lesson, instructors define what a net is and provide examples of how to count the faces of a net.
Planes and the Polyhedron Students learn the definition for a polyhedron and provide examples of polyhedra in the real world.
What Are Platonic Solids? - Definition and Types Instructors in this lesson define and explain the characteristics of the octahedron, dodecahedron, tetrahedron and other platonic solids.
Prisms: Definition, Area & Volume In this lesson, students explore how to calculate the volume and area of a prism.
Pyramids: Definition, Area & Volume Teachers provide the formulas for calculating the area and volume of a pyramid.
What Are Cylinders? - Definition, Area & Volume Students learn to calculate the surface area of cylinders.
Cones: Definition, Area & Volume In this lesson, students become familiar with finding the area and volume of a cone.

Chapter Practice Exam
Test your knowledge of this chapter with a 30 question practice chapter exam.
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Practice Final Exam
Test your knowledge of the entire course with a 50 question practice final exam.
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