Ch 5: Positive Behavior Support Strategies for Teachers

About This Chapter

Curbing bad behavior can prove challenging, which is why teachers need to learn strategies for positive behavior support. This chapter analyzes various techniques and methodologies to implement positive behavior support in the classroom.

Positive Behavior Support Strategies for Teachers - Chapter Summary

Our instructors have built this chapter to go over support strategies for promoting positive behavior in the classroom. As teachers take a closer look at this chapter, some of the topics they will learn include:

  • Strategies for positive classroom management
  • Techniques for modeling in-class positive behavior
  • Methods for using positive discipline in the classroom
  • Positive behavior support examples
  • School-wide positive behavioral interventions and support (PBIS)
  • PBIS tips for teachers and reward ideas

Our instructors break up this chapter into single-topic lessons, because we know you want highly-focused teaching resources. These lessons may be short in duration, but they are full of details about terminology, definitions, key concepts, and real-world applications. If you want to review all the lessons in the chapter, you can, but if you just need some quick insight on a single subject, go directly to that lesson for some fast and effective advice.

How It Helps

  • Better access to resources: All of our materials, including our lessons and other learning tools, are kept in one, easy-to-navigate website, and you can access the information any time day or night.
  • Provides useful strategies: Our behavior management strategies have been designed and tested by fellow educators, so you can rest easy knowing that these techniques work in classrooms just like yours.
  • Improves teacher outlook: Dealing with behavior problems is one of the least enjoyable parts of the job, but the strategies in this chapter give you a game plan that can make you more confident about how you manage classroom behavior.

Skills Covered

Once you finish this chapter, you will be able to:

  • Define positive classroom management strategies
  • Compare strategies for modeling positive behavior
  • Examine techniques for positive discipline
  • Explain strategies for positive behavior support
  • Point out examples of school-wide PBIS
  • Review PBIS strategies, incentive ideas, and rewards

6 Lessons in Chapter 5: Positive Behavior Support Strategies for Teachers
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Positive Classroom Management Strategies

1. Positive Classroom Management Strategies

Do you find yourself spending more time on behavior in the classroom than actually teaching? Positive classroom management strategies can help decrease problem behaviors through the use of rules and reward systems.

Strategies for Modeling Positive Behavior in the Classroom

2. Strategies for Modeling Positive Behavior in the Classroom

As teachers, we often expect students to demonstrate exemplary behavior. Modeling is one of the most important ways to teach the behaviors we want to see. This lesson offers some strategies for modeling good behavior in the classroom.

Positive Discipline in the Classroom: Techniques & Overview

3. Positive Discipline in the Classroom: Techniques & Overview

Positive discipline in the classroom refers to utilizing a positive emphasis in regard to correcting and guiding student behavior. This lesson provides techniques and an overview of the process.

Positive Behavior Support: Strategies & Examples

4. Positive Behavior Support: Strategies & Examples

Positive behavior support (PBS) is an approach to managing students who present behavioral challenges in the classroom. This lesson defines PBS and provides strategies for and examples of dealing with behavior challenges.

What is School-Wide PBIS? - Definition & Examples

5. What is School-Wide PBIS? - Definition & Examples

In this lesson, we will define and outline the key principles of PBIS, positive behavioral interventions and support. We'll also identify the purpose of PBIS and describe how it can be implemented to build a positive school community.

PBIS Strategies for Teachers

6. PBIS Strategies for Teachers

Interventions and strategies that are commonly used for school-wide applications of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) can also be applied in the classroom. The following lesson describes the critical features of a classroom application of PBIS.

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