Ch 11: Praxis: Housing & Interior Design

About This Chapter

In this chapter, the lessons will help you to understand the basics of housing and interior design as you prepare for the Praxis Family and Consumer Sciences examination. With materials that you can utilize on any device, you will be prepared for test day.

Praxis: Housing and Interior Design - Chapter Summary

Use the lessons in this chapter to grow in your understanding of interior design as you get ready for the Praxis Family and Consumer Sciences test. These lessons are prepared by qualified family and consumer science experts. After you've studied this chapter, you'll be ready to do the following on the test:

  • Identify elements of modern architecture
  • Explain the concept of interior design
  • Describe various styles of interior design
  • Provide examples of color schemes and space planning
  • Define different types of housing options, including those for older adults
  • Analyze the factors that affect the selection of housing and community environments
  • Comment on environmentally friendly building materials

In addition to reviewing using the engaging videos and short transcripts, you can take short lesson quizzes to check your knowledge of the most important concepts. You are sure to be engaged while preparing with these materials.

10 Lessons in Chapter 11: Praxis: Housing & Interior Design
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Modern Architecture: Characteristics & Style

1. Modern Architecture: Characteristics & Style

Architecture comes in many different styles with different characteristics. This lesson is about the style of modern architecture and how to identify modern buildings.

What is Residential Interior Design?

2. What is Residential Interior Design?

Interior design is a very important part of architecture. However, just as there are multiple kinds of buildings, there are multiple kinds of design. In this lesson, we'll talk about residential interior design and see how it is used to define interior spaces.

Interior Decorating: Definition, Styles & Tips

3. Interior Decorating: Definition, Styles & Tips

Are you interested in interior decorating, but unsure what it entails? In this lesson, we define interior decorating and discuss some decorating styles and tips.

Interior Design & Color Schemes

4. Interior Design & Color Schemes

Color schemes in interior design are used to create cohesion in a single space or building. Learn more about what factors are used to build a strong palette in design.

Interior Design & Space Planning

5. Interior Design & Space Planning

Space planning is fundamental to interior design. In this lesson, you'll learn why space planning is important, what it means and involves, and how the process works within the phases of design.

Types of Housing: Overview & Examples

6. Types of Housing: Overview & Examples

Everybody lives somewhere. Some live in a house while others live in an apartment. But did you know that you can actually live in a house by purchasing stocks from housing cooperatives? Learn about this and other types of housing in this lesson.

Factors Affecting Housing Selection

7. Factors Affecting Housing Selection

When looking for a place to live, would you rather rent or buy? This lesson covers some of the many factors that affect whether people decide to rent or buy a home or apartment.

Housing, Neighborhood, & Community Environments

8. Housing, Neighborhood, & Community Environments

In this lesson, we highlight three main components of a person's environment and look at how older adults are affected by variations in these elements, including the impact of friends and neighbors.

Housing Options for Older Adults

9. Housing Options for Older Adults

In this lesson, we will discuss where a person can choose to live as their needs change in their older years. We will look at the options available and the factors that influence a person's decision.

Environmentally Friendly Building Materials & Products

10. Environmentally Friendly Building Materials & Products

Being environmentally friendly is a hot topic these days. We'll take a look at this with respect to building materials in this lesson. At the end, you should have a good understanding of this relevant topic.

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