Ch 12: Praxis Marketing: Marketing Channels

About This Chapter

Use this chapter to learn about marketing channels. The engaging and quick video lessons and self-assessment quizzes can prepare you to answer questions about channel management on the Praxis Marketing Education test.

Praxis Marketing Education - Marketing Channels: Chapter Summary

Aspiring secondary school marketing teachers who are preparing for the Praxis Marketing Education test can utilize this chapter on marketing channels as one of their primary study tools. This series of video lessons covers functions of the marketplace and channel intermediaries, in addition to the following topics:

  • Horizontal and vertical conflict
  • Channel distribution strategies
  • Supply chain management
  • Inventory strategies
  • Inventory mathematics
  • Purchasing

Praxis Marketing Education - Marketing Channels Objectives

The Praxis Marketing Education test is used as part of the certification process for public high school marketing teachers in most U.S. states. This test is offered four times a year, and test-takers have two hours to complete 120 multiple-choice questions. Approximately 10% of the test - or about 12 questions - centers on channel management. These questions might cover channel structure and relationship, strategies for physical distribution and logistics, including purchasing and inventory mathematics.

These video lessons on marketing channels are taught by experienced professional educators. To prepare you for the kinds of questions you'll encounter on the Praxis Marketing Education test, each lesson is accompanied by a self-assessment quiz. You can take these quizzes as many times as you'd like to make sure you've absorbed the information in the video lessons.

4 Lessons in Chapter 12: Praxis Marketing: Marketing Channels
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Marketing Channel: Definition and Function in the Marketplace

1. Marketing Channel: Definition and Function in the Marketplace

In this lesson, we'll learn about the marketing channel, which allows producers to deliver their product to consumers in the correct quantity, type and location. Without help from additional channel members, most companies would not be able to increase their target market reach and satisfy their customer needs.

Channel Intermediaries: Definition and Function in Business

2. Channel Intermediaries: Definition and Function in Business

Marketing managers must have an effective physical distribution strategy, and companies must be able to deliver their products to the consumer. Most managers utilize channel intermediaries to help with transactional, logistical and facilitating functions. Learn more about this process here.

Channel Conflict: Horizontal & Vertical Conflict

3. Channel Conflict: Horizontal & Vertical Conflict

A marketing logistics plan can have channel conflict. This occurs when channel members do not agree with pricing, distribution or even logistical operations. The channel member's ultimate goal is to create a comprehensive channel partnership to eliminate any conflict and drive product efficiently to consumers.

Supply Chain Management: Technology, Measurement, Relationship & Material Integration

4. Supply Chain Management: Technology, Measurement, Relationship & Material Integration

Marketing managers realize how distribution can be costly if there is not an efficient plan in place. Supply chain management is a strategy that allows seamless integration of all pieces of the distribution chain.

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