Ch 3: Praxis Physics: Vectors & Scalars

About This Chapter

Study this chapter on scalars and vectors before you attempt to pass the Praxis Physics examination, which includes questions on the topics. Related information can also be found throughout this chapter in the form of online video lessons.

Praxis Physics: Vectors and Scalars - Chapter Summary

Even if you've previously studied vectors and scalars, the Praxis Physics examination for teacher certification will require advanced knowledge. Brush up on your understanding by exploring this chapter's animated video lessons. They cover topics such as scalar quantities, scale drawings, resultants and vector triangles. The rules for using the Pythagorean theorem and the SohCahToa device to solve equations are outlined. You can also work through several examples and then take the five-question quizzes that measure your comprehension. The chapter might play a role in preparing you to:

  • Distinguish between scalars and vectors
  • Use the geometric approach
  • Find the resultant of a vector using math
  • Calculate the direction or magnitude of a vector

These topics are detailed in the engaging video lessons, which you can view online using your computer or mobile device. This convenient form of study will allow you to review vectors and scalars on-the-go in preparation for passing the Praxis Physics examination. If you'd rather, you can listen to the teacher-narrated videos and simultaneously read through the transcripts, which contain the same language and examples as the videos. Measure the amount of knowledge you're accumulating by completing the short quizzes.

Praxis Physics: Vectors and Scalars Chapter Objectives

When you sit for the computer-delivered Praxis Physics examination, you'll provide the answers to 125 selected-response questions that are spread out across six content categories. Mechanics is the first of these categories, and you'll earn 32% of your score by accurately answering its 40 questions on numerous topics including vectors, scalars, vector components and resultant vectors. The section will also provide you with the opportunity to apply your knowledge of other subjects as you work towards a teaching certification in physics. You must complete all of the questions within 2.5 hours of starting the assessment.

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