Ch 10: Praxis Test by State

About This Chapter

This chapter includes articles on Praxis testing in several states. Whether you need to take a Praxis exam in Missouri or Maine, you'll find the information you need here.

Praxis Test by State - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

The Praxis exams are part of the teacher licensure process in many states. There are a variety of tests available that measure your proficiency in core academic areas like reading and math as well as subject-specific knowledge and overall teaching skills. Each state has its own certification and score requirements, so you'll want to find out the Praxis information specific to the state where you're taking the exam. You can use the articles in this chapter to find information about Praxis testing in your state, including passing score requirements.

Article Topic
Praxis Tests in Alabama Explore Praxis requirements in Alabama.
Praxis Tests in Hawaii Find out essential Praxis information for the state of Hawaii.
Praxis Test in Missouri Discover how Praxis testing works in Missouri.
Praxis Tests in Maine Learn about Praxis testing for potential teachers in Maine.
North Carolina Praxis Tests Get up to speed on Praxis testing for North Carolina teacher certification.
Praxis Tests in Iowa Figure out what you'll need to know to take a Praxis exam in Iowa.
Praxis Tests in Louisiana Check out Louisiana Praxis requirements.
Praxis Tests in Arkansas Look up information about Praxis testing in Arkansas.
Praxis Tests in Tennessee See what you'll need to know to take a Praxis test in Tennessee.
Praxis Tests in Idaho Get an idea of the Praxis process in Idaho.
Praxis Tests in Colorado Find out about Praxis testing in Colorado.
Praxis Tests in Indiana Get ready for the Indiana Praxis.
Praxis Tests in Maryland Prepare for Maryland Praxis tests.
Praxis Tests in Pennsylvania Review Praxis testing information specific to Pennsylvania.
Praxis Score Requirements by State Learn about the different passing scores for Praxis tests on a state-by-state basis.
Praxis Tests in Ohio Look up Praxis information for prospective Ohio educators.

22 Lessons in Chapter 10: Praxis Test by State
Praxis Tests in Tennessee

1. Praxis Tests in Tennessee

If you want to become a teacher in the state of Tennessee, you'll have to take the Praxis tests, including the Core tests to begin a teacher preparation program. Read this article to get important information regarding education certification areas in Tennessee and the corresponding exam requirements.

Praxis Tests in Pennsylvania

2. Praxis Tests in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania requires candidates for a teaching license to pass multiple Praxis tests before they are eligible. Learn about the Praxis tests that are necessary to meet the licensure requirements and the passing scores you'll need in Pennsylvania.

Praxis Tests in Ohio

3. Praxis Tests in Ohio

In Ohio, all teachers must be licensed, but only third-grade special-needs reading teachers and student-services professionals need to take a Praxis test. Find out which exams are accepted, what they cover, and the qualifying scores for each.

Praxis Tests in Maryland

4. Praxis Tests in Maryland

Entry-level teachers seeking licensure in Maryland must pass the Praxis Core Academic Skills exams and Praxis Subject Assessments. Read on to understand test requirements in Maryland and learn about various resources to help you pass these exams.

Praxis Tests in Maine

5. Praxis Tests in Maine

To obtain a teaching license in Maine, educators must pass several Praxis exams in addition to earning a bachelor's degree. Keep reading to learn more about Maine's testing requirements and find resources to help you prepare for the Praxis exams.

Praxis Tests in Louisiana

6. Praxis Tests in Louisiana

The Praxis exams are an important component of teacher licensure in the state of Louisiana. In this article you'll learn about the different Praxis exams that are taken, how to register, and how you can prepare for the tests.

Praxis Tests in Iowa

7. Praxis Tests in Iowa

An educator must pass two Praxis exams - a pedagogy exam and a content exam - in order to receive an initial teaching license in Iowa. Learn about the required exams, Iowa's passing scores, testing centers in Iowa, and test-day prep tips.

Praxis Tests in Idaho

8. Praxis Tests in Idaho

Find out more about Praxis test requirements in Idaho with this article. Learn where to register for these exams and get information about how to study for them.

Praxis Tests in Hawaii

9. Praxis Tests in Hawaii

Get the information you need about which Praxis exams are required for teacher licensure in Hawaii. You can also learn where and when the tests are offered and discover options for preparing for the Praxis exams.

Praxis Tests in Colorado

10. Praxis Tests in Colorado

Praxis exams may be used to meet the Colorado Department of Education's testing requirement for educators applying for a teaching license. Learn about the Praxis tests, qualifying scores, and resources to help you prepare for your exams.

Praxis Tests in Arkansas

11. Praxis Tests in Arkansas

Find out how the state of Arkansas uses Praxis tests as part of its educator training and licensing procedure. You'll also learn about how to register for these tests and see how you can prepare for success on these exams.

Praxis Tests in Alabama

12. Praxis Tests in Alabama

Praxis exams are used by several states, including Alabama, to assess a beginning teacher's knowledge of subject-specific content and general teaching competency. Use this guide to learn more about state requirements for certification, where to take Praxis exams and courses offered to help you study.

Praxis Tests in Mississippi

13. Praxis Tests in Mississippi

To become a teacher in Mississippi, you must first pass several tests to demonstrate applicable knowledge and teaching skills. Read on to learn which Praxis tests are required to be certified in Mississippi.

Praxis Tests in Wyoming

14. Praxis Tests in Wyoming

Praxis subject assessment tests are used for certain teacher licensure applicants in Wyoming, including the elementary education license. This article outlines which teachers need to pass Praxis tests to qualify for initial licensing in this state and provides information about these Praxis tests.

Praxis Tests in Missouri

15. Praxis Tests in Missouri

This article looks at the Praxis tests that applicants are required to take in Missouri. It also covers the length of required tests and which grade levels the exams certify applicants to work with.

Praxis Tests in Alaska

16. Praxis Tests in Alaska

Praxis tests are used in Alaska to ensure that all teachers have the content knowledge needed to teach students at their chosen grade levels. Teaching skills are also often assessed. Keep reading to learn more about which tests are required.

Praxis Tests in South Dakota

17. Praxis Tests in South Dakota

Teachers in South Dakota are required to take Praxis tests in order to be certified. It's necessary to determine which grade level you wish to teach and whether you plan to specialize in a specific subject area to identify which Praxis tests to take.

Praxis Tests in Nebraska

18. Praxis Tests in Nebraska

Teachers and education professionals in Nebraska need to take Praxis tests to earn their state certification. In addition to the Praxis Core, they may also need to take a subject-specific exam that assesses their content knowledge or ability to teach students in a specific grade level or with special needs.

Praxis Tests in Florida

19. Praxis Tests in Florida

Florida uses the FTCE exams instead of Praxis tests to qualify teaching candidates for certification. Learn about Florida reciprocity and Praxis tests accepted for out-of-state teachers, and get links to our study resources for FTCE and Praxis tests.

Praxis Tests in Kansas

20. Praxis Tests in Kansas

This article looks at the Praxis tests that teacher certification applicants in Kansas need to take. It references applicable tests required to teach different subjects at different grade levels as well as topics covered on the exams.

Praxis Tests in Utah

21. Praxis Tests in Utah

This article looks at Utah's Praxis exam requirements for educators and education professionals, such as school counselors. You'll learn more about the length and focus of commonly used exams as well as which tests you need to take.

North Carolina Praxis Tests

22. North Carolina Praxis Tests

This article explains Praxis exams that are required for teachers in North Carolina. It covers which exams are needed for licensure in different subject areas and provides information about testing locations and test preparation resources.

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