Ch 12: Praxis: Textiles, Fashion & Apparel

About This Chapter

Textiles, Fashion & Apparel is one of the major content areas on the Praxis II, Family and Consumer Sciences exam. Ensure you're ready by studying this chapter, which examines the textile and fashion industries. Each lesson in the chapter has a 5-question quiz and answer key.

Textiles, Fashion & Apparel - Chapter Summary

This chapter on textiles, fashion and apparel covers the materials and machines used in textile manufacturing, along with key fashion industry terminology and concepts. In these lessons, you can review the plant, animal, and synthetic fibers used in textile manufacturing, along with the dangers and safety standards in the textile industry. Other lessons explore the procedures of clothing construction (like taking measurements and choosing the right type of stitch). Furthermore, you can brush up on the history of the textile industry, from the cotton gin to modern demands on the environment and contemporary textile trends.

Here is a list of objectives that this chapter can help you attain:

  • Identify the properties of different textiles, including natural textiles and synthetic textiles
  • Describe textile production materials and detail the processes of textile production
  • Understand the hazards of textiles factories and how to implement safety regulations
  • Explain the function of various types of textile machines, like spinning machines, tufting machines, dying machines, and printing machines
  • Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of different types of textiles in order to select the best textiles used for certain garments or fabrics
  • Discuss fashion design through common terminology, including elements and concepts
  • Carry out the manual steps of apparel construction techniques

Go ahead and get started reviewing the lessons in this chapter, which are available in a text-based format, along with some engaging video lessons. At the end of each lesson, you can take a 5-question quiz to test your knowledge and then check the answer and explanation. By completing all the practice questions found in the chapter, you'll get to know the test format, which can improve your efficacy in understanding and answering the questions when it comes time for the test. Find out your strengths and remedy your weak content areas through this chapter.

14 Lessons in Chapter 12: Praxis: Textiles, Fashion & Apparel
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What Are Textiles?

1. What Are Textiles?

Chances are you're sitting on and wearing a textile right now. But do you know what it's made of how it was made? In this lesson, you'll learn about some different kinds of textiles and their uses.

What is Textile Production?

2. What is Textile Production?

Textile production is the process by which fibers, filaments, yarn, and thread - both natural and synthetic - are made. It also comprises the production of objects made with these materials. Both processes have their own steps for production. Let's examine them both.

Textile Manufacturing: Machines & Equipment

3. Textile Manufacturing: Machines & Equipment

Textile manufacturing is a global industry, making the machines and equipment essential all over the world. This lesson will discuss the different types of machines and equipment used throughout the market.

Textile Fabrics: Definition & Types

4. Textile Fabrics: Definition & Types

The ability to identify the different types of textile fabrics is important in the design industry. In this lesson, we'll learn the definition of a textile fabric and explore the different types of textiles, including their sources and uses.

Textile Industry Process

5. Textile Industry Process

The processes involved in the textile industry are complex, covering every step from fiber to finished product. In this lesson, you'll learn more about the various components of preparing textiles for the marketplace.

Textile Industry & Safety

6. Textile Industry & Safety

The textile industry is known for having various safety and health issues. This lesson will cover these issues and the processes put in place to create a safer working environment.

Textile Laws & Regulations

7. Textile Laws & Regulations

Have you ever wondered where the fabric in your shirt or pants came from, or who sewed your clothes? The people and operations involved in making your clothes are governed by laws that address things like safety and trade. In this lesson, learn about textile laws and regulations.

Textile Industry Trends & Growth

8. Textile Industry Trends & Growth

The textile industry has evolved greatly since the invention of the cotton gin in the 18th century. This lesson outlines the most recent textile trends around the globe and explores the growth of the industry.

Textile Production & the Environment: Impact & Issues

9. Textile Production & the Environment: Impact & Issues

Do you always wear the latest fashions? Ever thought about how many people it takes to make the clothes you wear? In this lesson, explore how textile production impacts the environment and learn about the issues related to it.

Clothing Construction: Terms, Basics & Methods

10. Clothing Construction: Terms, Basics & Methods

In this lesson, we'll introduce some important terms and basic methods for sewing your own clothing. We'll discuss taking measurements, tips for an easier sewing process, and finishing touches for a professional look.

Fashion Design: Definition & Types

11. Fashion Design: Definition & Types

Have you ever wanted to design your own clothing? How about creating a unique pair of shoes or one-of-a-kind handbag? In this lesson, learn about different types of fashion design.

Fabric & Garment Design Techniques

12. Fabric & Garment Design Techniques

Have you ever tried to customize an item of clothing? How do you make something like a shirt or jacket? In this lesson, explore fabric and garment design techniques and learn important steps in the process.

Principles of Fashion Design

13. Principles of Fashion Design

Skirts and jackets. Blazers and colorful silk scarves. Who dreams up ideas for the clothing styles we wear? In this lesson, learn about important principles related to fashion design.

Standards of Garment Construction

14. Standards of Garment Construction

How do you choose a shirt or jacket to buy? Do you look at how it's made? We want our clothes to look and feel good. In this lesson, explore standards of garment construction.

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