Ch 8: Pregnancy & Newborn Care

About This Chapter

Go through the video and text lessons in this chapter to learn about nursing care related to pregnancy and newborns. These lessons will cover relevant terminology, anatomy and health issues.

Pregnancy & Newborn Care - Chapter Summary

Pregnancy, childbirth and infancy all require specific healthcare considerations and specific knowledge from healthcare providers working in this field. If you would like to learn about nursing care for pregnancy and newborns, you can watch the video lessons and read over the texts that are included in this chapter.

These lessons will provide you with the definitions of important medical terminology related to pregnancy, childbirth and post-natal care. You will learn about anatomical and physiological issues related to pregnancy and childbirth, and the specific ways to care for newborn children. Included in this chapter are lessons on:

  • The uterine cycle
  • Nutrition in prenatal care
  • Pregnancy anatomy and physiology
  • Fetal development
  • Childbirth terminology
  • Postnatal newborn care
  • Oxytocin
  • SIDS
  • Postpartum depression
  • Newborns and their reflexes, growth and development
  • Human stages of development

When using these lessons as learning guides, you will benefit from the expertise and teaching experience of all of our lesson instructors. The chapter also allows you to message the lesson instructors directly, should you desire further information or clarification on certain points. When you feel confident in your understanding of these topics, you can test your knowledge by answering the questions in the chapter's practice quizzes and final exam.

14 Lessons in Chapter 8: Pregnancy & Newborn Care
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The Uterine Cycle: Menses

1. The Uterine Cycle: Menses

Each month the female's uterus prepares for the potential of pregnancy. However, pregnancy doesn't occur the majority of the time. In those months, the female's uterus has to 'reset' itself for the next month. It does that during the first phase of the uterine cycle, menses.

Prenatal Care: Vitamins and Minerals

2. Prenatal Care: Vitamins and Minerals

We all know that nutrition is important, and part of nutrition is getting enough vitamins and minerals. But how does that change when a woman gets pregnant? Learn about some of the vitamins and minerals that are essential during pregnancy.

Prenatal Care: Nutrition

3. Prenatal Care: Nutrition

Does the saying 'You're now eating for two' mean that a pregnant women should double her caloric intake? What types of foods are needed during pregnancy? What about foods to avoid? Learn this and more in this lesson on prenatal nutrition.

Anatomy & Physiology of Pregnancy

4. Anatomy & Physiology of Pregnancy

We know a woman's uterus can house a baby, but did you ever wonder what it looks like inside? Or, how the baby gets food? In this lesson, you'll learn about what the fetal environment inside the uterus actually looks like.

The Fetal Period of Pregnancy: Definition & Development

5. The Fetal Period of Pregnancy: Definition & Development

The fetal stage of pregnancy is a critical developmental phase for an unborn child. Many key changes take place to prepare the child for independent living outside of the womb. This article discusses the critical time periods within the fetal stage of development.

Pregnancy & Childbirth-Related Diagnosis Vocabulary

6. Pregnancy & Childbirth-Related Diagnosis Vocabulary

This lesson covers the common diagnostic tests that are done for pregnancy and childbirth. We look at what the tests are screening for and possible outcomes.

Pregnancy & Childbirth-Related Treatment Vocabulary

7. Pregnancy & Childbirth-Related Treatment Vocabulary

This lesson will cover the treatments that are available for pregnancy- and childbirth-related issues. We will look at when and why they are used in relation to infertility and other conditions associated with pregnancy and childbirth.

Important Terms Related to Childbirth

8. Important Terms Related to Childbirth

This lesson defines and discusses the terms that are most commonly associated with childbirth and the period immediately following childbirth. A short quiz follows the lesson.

What Is Oxytocin? - Definition, Function & Side Effects

9. What Is Oxytocin? - Definition, Function & Side Effects

Oxytocin, otherwise known as the love hormone, is released by the pituitary gland and is responsible for human behaviors associated with relationships and bonding. It is most commonly used to help mothers produce contractions in labor and control bleeding.

What is Postpartum Depression? - Definition, Symptoms & Treatment

10. What is Postpartum Depression? - Definition, Symptoms & Treatment

Postpartum depression affects about 14% of women who give birth each year. The following lesson provides a definition of postpartum depression, symptoms and common treatment suggestions for the issue.

Postnatal Care and SIDS

11. Postnatal Care and SIDS

This lesson will address the often heard debate about breastfeeding vs. using baby formula in terms of which one is more beneficial. We'll also look into sudden infant death syndrome.

Identifying the Reflexes of Newborns

12. Identifying the Reflexes of Newborns

Reflexes allow babies to survive the first few years of life. In this lesson, we'll look at some of the major reflexes of infants, including those that indicate a healthy nervous system response and those designed to help a baby feed itself.

The Newborn: Capabilities, Growth, and Developmental Milestones

13. The Newborn: Capabilities, Growth, and Developmental Milestones

Newborn growth and development is an amazing process! In this lesson, you will discover how babies learn, when they acquire certain abilities, and what reflexes they are born with.

Human Development Stages From Infancy to Late Adulthood

14. Human Development Stages From Infancy to Late Adulthood

Human development is a process that continues throughout our lives. This lesson will take a look at the progression of human development from infancy to late adulthood with all the stages in between.

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