Ch 5: Preparing for Content-Based Instruction

About This Chapter

Content-based instruction, when implemented correctly, can prove to be very effective in the classroom. This chapter presents to you how to easily prepare for content-based instruction for your students.

Preparing for Content-Based Instruction - Chapter Summary

The material presented in this chapter is valuable for all teachers considering content-based instruction. Some of what you will learn about includes the following:

  • Resources for teachers who are implementing content-based instruction
  • Learning goals versus learning objectives
  • Teacher development activities and who pays for them

These short, focused lessons clarify how to use content-based instruction. Lesson quizzes are provided to allow you to check your understanding after you complete each lesson. We verify each chapter's key concepts with chapter exams, and a final exam checks your comprehension of major topics covered in the course.

How It Helps

  • Builds instructor awareness: You'll discover the principles behind content-based instruction.
  • Teaches collaboration in the classroom: By learning collaboration in the classroom, it benefits both the teachers and students.
  • Helps students succeed: You'll learn the distinction of goals and objectives to help student to succeed in your classroom.

Skills Covered

By the end of this chapter, you will be able to:

  • Connect academic subject matter objectives with language objectives
  • Understand the resources and education that will help you implement content-based instruction
  • See the benefits of classroom collaboration
  • Recognize state requirements and how professional development is paid for

6 Lessons in Chapter 5: Preparing for Content-Based Instruction
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Developing a Curriculum Using Content-Based Instruction

1. Developing a Curriculum Using Content-Based Instruction

Have you ever considered creating a curriculum using content-based instruction? If so, go no further. This lesson defines content-based instruction, discusses how key content areas are organized around a content-based instruction theme, and reviews a content-based instruction lesson example.

Resources & Education for Content-Based Instruction

2. Resources & Education for Content-Based Instruction

Content-based instruction helps students grasp a new language by focusing on the content of what they are studying in the language, rather than just memorizing aspects of the language. Read on to learn about resources and education that will help you master content-based instruction.

Comparing Learning Goals & Learning Objectives

3. Comparing Learning Goals & Learning Objectives

Learning goals and learning objectives are often confused. Though similar, each is distinct with its own place in education. This lesson compares the two and discusses how to define them to help students succeed in the classroom.

Benefits of Collaboration in the Classroom

4. Benefits of Collaboration in the Classroom

Collaboration in the classroom benefits teachers and students alike. It's well worth the challenges and resources that it requires. This lesson discusses some of the important benefits of classroom collaboration.

In-School Resources for Teacher Professional Development

5. In-School Resources for Teacher Professional Development

Being a successful teacher requires you to constantly learn and expand your craft. Learn about ways you can develop your teaching profession through your own school and district as well as some unique opportunities for professional development online.

Teacher Professional Development Activities

6. Teacher Professional Development Activities

In this lesson, we will discuss why professional development is essential for teachers and types of professional development activities. We will also briefly cover state requirements and paying for professional development.

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