Ch 8: Preventing & Treating Strokes

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Utilize the engaging lessons, quizzes and exam in this self-paced chapter to strengthen your comprehension of ways to prevent and treat strokes. These study resources are available 24/7 and can help you prepare for a test, complete a project or enhance your work performance.

Preventing & Treating Strokes - Chapter Summary

If you are looking for a resource that can improve your knowledge of stroke prevention and treatment, you've reached the right place! Our lessons provide a well-rounded examination of different types of strokes, how they are treated and the processes of recovery. Access any number of lessons as often as necessary to fully comprehend these topics, and take accompanying quizzes to check your understanding. Our Dashboard tracks your progress through this chapter and lets you submit lesson topic questions to our experts. Study at your own pace to ensure you're able to do the following with confidence:

  • Explain how to prevent a stroke
  • List and describe signs of a stroke
  • Share symptoms, treatment, recovery and rehabilitation details for the brain stem stroke
  • Describe the prognosis and recovery of the basal ganglia stroke
  • Give details about the treatment and recovery of the eye stroke
  • Discuss the symptoms and treatments for cerebellar, embolic and thrombotic strokes
  • Detail the causes, treatment, prognosis and recovery of the lacunar stroke

12 Lessons in Chapter 8: Preventing & Treating Strokes
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How to Prevent Stroke

1. How to Prevent Stroke

Have you ever heard of a cerebrovascular accident? If not, then this lesson is for you. Even if you have, perhaps you'd like to learn how to prevent a stroke? If so, then this lesson is for you too.

Signs of a Stroke: Acronym & Recognition

2. Signs of a Stroke: Acronym & Recognition

Do you know how to tell if a loved one is having a stroke? You might be a hero one day if you learn to recognize the simple signs of stroke. This lesson goes over them and tells you why they occur in general.

Brain Stem Stroke: Symptoms & Treatment

3. Brain Stem Stroke: Symptoms & Treatment

We are going to learn about brain stem strokes by discussing information about the signs and symptoms of a brain stem stroke as well as the treatments that are available.

Brain Stem Stroke: Recovery & Rehabilitation

4. Brain Stem Stroke: Recovery & Rehabilitation

Recovery from a brain stem stroke initially focuses on supporting life functions. The rehabilitation period focuses on therapies that assist in restoring and improving functions that have been compromised by the stroke. Read on to learn more.

Basal Ganglia Stroke: Prognosis & Recovery

5. Basal Ganglia Stroke: Prognosis & Recovery

This lesson offers a brief glimpse into basal ganglia strokes. We will look at the prognosis and recovery from this type of stroke and the factors that determine both.

Eye Stroke: Treatment & Recovery

6. Eye Stroke: Treatment & Recovery

An eye stroke is a specific type of stroke that affects, you guessed it, the eye! This lesson takes a look at some of the short- and long-term treatment options for eye strokes, as well as recovery plans.

Cerebellar Stroke: Prognosis & Recovery

7. Cerebellar Stroke: Prognosis & Recovery

The cerebellum is a part of the brain. In this lesson, we'll learn about cerebellar strokes. We'll discuss the effects of this type of stroke and look at the recovery and prognosis associated with a stroke.

Cerebellar Stroke: Symptoms & Treatment

8. Cerebellar Stroke: Symptoms & Treatment

Can a medical issue in the little brain be a big problem? Of course! In this video, you'll learn that even if it's smaller than our 'big brain,' a cerebellar stroke of the 'little brain' is not a little problem.

Embolic Stroke: Symptoms & Treatment

9. Embolic Stroke: Symptoms & Treatment

In this lesson, we will discuss some of the details about an embolic stroke such as the symptoms that are commonly associated with having an embolic stroke. We will also look at the treatment options that are used.

Thrombotic Stroke: Symptoms & Treatment

10. Thrombotic Stroke: Symptoms & Treatment

We are going to learn about what a thrombotic stroke is by discussing the symptoms that a person may have when having a thrombotic stroke and the treatment options that are available. Following the lesson, complete the quiz to test your new knowldege.

Lacunar Stroke: Causes & Treatment

11. Lacunar Stroke: Causes & Treatment

You may be familiar with strokes, but what about lacunar strokes? These occur due to blocked blood flow in the tiniest arteries deep in your brain. In this lesson, we'll take a look at what causes these strokes and how they're treated.

Lacunar Stroke: Prognosis & Recovery

12. Lacunar Stroke: Prognosis & Recovery

This lesson is going to introduce a type of stroke known as a lacunar stroke. We will discuss the prognosis and common scenarios for expected recovery from a lacunar stroke.

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