Ch 15: Preventive & Responsive Schools Services

About This Chapter

Learn new concepts and review familiar ones in this chapter on preventive and responsive school services for dealing with issues such as bullying and health education. You can watch videos and read texts that target the lessons' main ideas.

Preventive & Responsive Schools Services - Chapter Summary

You'll find content in this chapter that examines the components of a healthy school climate and the potential hurdles to accurately establishing it. A lesson is included that discusses the process of school policy development. You'll also see material on prevention that targets failing, truancy and dropping out of school.

The chapter also discusses school crisis prevention planning including recovery and response procedures. You will come across information on bullying including how to prevent and stop it. Health education and promotion and suicide prevention are also addressed. Once your review is complete you should be able to:

  • Explain the process of assessing school climate
  • Discuss school violence prevention practices
  • Identify effects of truancy
  • Provide bullying prevention tactics
  • Identify key components to school policy development
  • Discuss common crisis response procedures
  • Describe strategies for preventing school failure

You can take practice quizzes after you have looked over lesson content to see how well you are comprehending and retaining the information. The material in this chapter is taught by our professional instructors in a way that is engaging and easy to understand. Key terms are linked to text lessons for further elaboration and each video has its own lesson transcript you can review to enhance your learning.

9 Lessons in Chapter 15: Preventive & Responsive Schools Services
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Promoting Safe Schools

1. Promoting Safe Schools

Studies show that the most effective interventions in reducing violence in schools require changing the environment of the entire school. This lesson provides an overview of staff members' responsibilities in promoting safe schools.

Positive Reinforcement: Definition & Examples

2. Positive Reinforcement: Definition & Examples

Positive reinforcement is the addition of a reward following a desired behavior. In this lesson, you will examine examples of positive reinforcement and be able to test your knowledge with a quiz at the end.

Bullying, Suicide & Violence in Schools

3. Bullying, Suicide & Violence in Schools

In this lesson, we will define bullying, suicide, and violence as they relate to the behavior of school-aged children. We will also explore ways in which school districts can reduce the incidence of each.

How to Prevent Bullying in Schools

4. How to Prevent Bullying in Schools

This lesson looks at the reality of bullying and the concern students have about bullying prevention. It also explains how schools and teachers can take action to prevent bullying.

School Climate: Definition & Assessment

5. School Climate: Definition & Assessment

A school's climate is a very important factor is student success and learning. As a teacher, it is important that you understand what school climate is and how it's assessed so that you can be sure you are positively impacting your school's learning environment.

School Policy Development Process

6. School Policy Development Process

In this lesson, we'll learn how to implement a new school policy. We'll go over some of the preliminary work and research required, as well as the cooperative steps needed to make sure the system is effective.

Health Education in Schools

7. Health Education in Schools

This lesson provides the definition of health education. It also discusses how health education can be used to help students make good life choices and how teachers can introduce it in their class.

Preventing School Failure, Truancy & Dropout

8. Preventing School Failure, Truancy & Dropout

School failure, truancy, and dropouts are a problem for many adolescent students. This lesson will discuss the negative effects of these issues and explore strategies for preventing them.

School Crisis Prevention

9. School Crisis Prevention

Crises in schools seem to be happening day after day. How can we keep our schools safe? Prevention may be the answer. This lesson will discuss school crisis prevention.

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