Ch 17: Pricing Strategy in Marketing

About This Chapter

Watch pricing strategy video lessons and learn about pricing decisions, objectives, costs, and more. Once you complete all the lessons, you may take the cumulative chapter exam to determine how well you retained the information reviewed.

Pricing Strategy in Marketing: Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

To successfully sell any good or service, a business must have a pricing strategy that takes a product's particular market into account. In this chapter, our instructor explains pricing strategies in marketing through the selling process, pricing decisions, objectives, and costs. You'll also learn about consumer perceptions of pricing, price elasticity, and selection. Our instructor has also included several important vocabulary words in each lesson to help you better grasp the material. Once you complete the chapter, you should to be able to:

  • Describe the profit-oriented, sales, and status quo pricing philosophies
  • Explain general business pricing objectives, strategies, and costs
  • Identify different types of consumer perception components such as bait-and-switch pricing strategies

Video Objective
Pricing Decisions: Profit-Oriented, Sales & Status Quo Identify the profit-oriented, sales, and status quo pricing philosophies.
Pricing Objectives: How Firms Decide on a Pricing Strategy Recall how firms determine what their pricing strategy should be.
Pricing Strategy and Consumer Perception Examine the geographic, value-based, single price, leader, and bait-and-switch pricing strategies in terms of consumer perception.

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