Ch 29: Probability & Events

About This Chapter

Review entertaining video and text lessons to increase your knowledge of probability and events in math. Topics covered in this chapter include probability applications, tree diagrams and compound and complementary events.

Probability & Events - Chapter Summary

This chapter offers lessons that provide an in-depth look at probability and events. Prepared by experts with a wealth of math knowledge, the lessons can help you understand a variety of related definitions, formulas and examples. Review these lessons to improve your ability to:

  • Define and describe probability in math
  • Understand the probability of simple, compound and complementary events
  • Describe the formula for mutually exclusive events in statistics
  • Predict results of experiments and stimulations by using proportionality and probability
  • Share the meaning of the tree diagram, and describe how it is used
  • Demonstrate how to calculate probabilities for simple compound events

Review video or text lessons using your computer or mobile devices anywhere you can access an Internet connection. Enjoy the ability to access these lessons at your own pace as you ensure you fully understand probability and events. Test your knowledge by taking short lesson quizzes and a chapter exam. Feel free to submit any questions about lesson topics to our experts.

6 Lessons in Chapter 29: Probability & Events
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What is Probability in Math? - Definition & Overview

1. What is Probability in Math? - Definition & Overview

Remember throwing a quarter and calling out heads or tails? Learn what this has to do with probability. Also learn how you can use your newly-learned skills from this lesson to help you decide whether you should play heads or tails at all!

Probability of Simple, Compound and Complementary Events

2. Probability of Simple, Compound and Complementary Events

Simple, compound, and complementary events are different types of probabilities. Each of these probabilities are calculated in a slightly different fashion. In this lesson, we will look at some real world examples of these different forms of probability.

Mutually Exclusive in Statistics: Definition, Formula & Examples

3. Mutually Exclusive in Statistics: Definition, Formula & Examples

In this lesson, we will discuss mutually exclusive events in statistics. We will talk about the definition, give many real-life examples, and compare mutually exclusive events to independent events.

Probability Applications: Making Predictions

4. Probability Applications: Making Predictions

Let's examine how we can make predictions of outcomes using the application of probability as our tool to help forecast possible results. We will cover how to solve for the probability and the terms associated with making predictions.

Tree Diagrams in Math: Definition & Examples

5. Tree Diagrams in Math: Definition & Examples

Explore what a tree diagram is and how to use it to organize information and answer questions about various outcomes of a particular event in this lesson. See how to create a tree diagram through multiple examples and a detailed explanation.

Simple & Compound Event Probability: Lists & Models

6. Simple & Compound Event Probability: Lists & Models

In this lesson, you will learn about simple and compound probability through the use of theoretical probability examples. The examples will include models using dice, marbles, cards, spinners, and tiles.

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