Ch 5: Project Development

About This Chapter

Complete this chapter at your own pace to study the project development process. The chapter's bite-sized lessons and quizzes can help you study for exams, bring up your grades or improve your work performance.

Project Development - Chapter Summary

In this chapter, you'll learn important terms and concepts related to project development. As you work through these simple and engaging lessons, you'll become familiar with the systems development life cycle, Agile methodology, business process modeling and Scrum. Each lesson comes with a short quiz, and the chapter ends with a multiple-choice exam. Revisit these resources whenever you need to refresh your understanding of project development. Upon completion of the chapter, you should be able to:

  • Outline the process of software development
  • Evaluate the steps, advantages and disadvantages of the Agile methodology
  • Define Scrum terminology and explain the Scrum process
  • Interpret Agile implementation strategy
  • Explain the concept of business process modeling

7 Lessons in Chapter 5: Project Development
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Systems Development Life Cycles: Software Development Process

1. Systems Development Life Cycles: Software Development Process

There are a number of models of software development, each with a somewhat different approach to implementing the various phases of the systems development life cycle. Learn about these models in this video lesson.

What is Agile Methodology? - Overview, Definition & Steps

2. What is Agile Methodology? - Overview, Definition & Steps

Agile is a mindset or methodology that attempts to apply the values and principles found in the Agile Manifesto. Although initially written for software development, it has successfully been applied across many other industries.

Agile Methodology: Benefits & Disadvantages

3. Agile Methodology: Benefits & Disadvantages

Agile has been a buzzword in project management for a decade, and with good reason. In this lesson, we'll look at the benefits and disadvantages of agile methodology and how it can be applied to a typical project.

What is Scrum? - Definition & Terminology

4. What is Scrum? - Definition & Terminology

In this lesson we'll look at the origins of the term scrum, the members and roles of the scrum team, the scrum process, and some benefits for using scrum for project management.

Scrum: Process & Examples

5. Scrum: Process & Examples

Scrum: It sounds like a silly word, but it's an effective, popular software development framework. This lesson explains the scrum process and provides examples.

Agile Implementation: Methodology & Strategy

6. Agile Implementation: Methodology & Strategy

Welcome to agile implementation methodology and strategy, where you will learn the benefits of working within or executing a flexible project plan. This type of project plan leads cohesive teams to producing timely results.

What is Business Process Modeling (BPM)? - Definition, Notation & Examples

7. What is Business Process Modeling (BPM)? - Definition, Notation & Examples

In this lesson, we'll describe what a business process is and how a business process is analyzed and refined when necessary. We will also view examples of various BPMN analytic tools including flowcharts, data flow diagrams, and Gantt charts.

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