Ch 1: Pronouns, Adverbs & Infinitives

About This Chapter

The lessons in this fun chapter can help you understand the use of adverbs, infinitives and pronouns. You can use these video and text lessons to get caught up in class or master these concepts so you can do well on a class test or complete your homework assignments.

Pronouns, Adverbs & Infinitives - Chapter Summary

In these short lessons, our instructors outline the definitions of pronouns, adverbs and infinitives, and provide examples so you'll be able to easily understand these topics. Topics covered include indefinite pronouns, modifiers and the use of adverbs as intensifiers. A multiple-choice quiz accompanies each of our lessons so you can review what you've just learned or test your readiness to move on to new topics. For handy studying, our printable lesson transcripts make great study guides you can take with you anywhere. After completing this chapter, you should be ready to:

  • Give examples of demonstrative and indefinite pronouns
  • Define how relative pronouns are used
  • Explain what a modifier is used for
  • Identify some of the different functions of verbals
  • Describe how an infinitive phrase is used

7 Lessons in Chapter 1: Pronouns, Adverbs & Infinitives
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Demonstrative Pronouns: Definition & Examples

1. Demonstrative Pronouns: Definition & Examples

This lesson defines and explains the grammatical use of the English words called demonstratives. It describes how these parts of speech function as pronouns and adjectives, as well as their relationship to nouns. The lesson includes a short quiz.

What is an Indefinite Pronoun? - Definition & Examples

2. What is an Indefinite Pronoun? - Definition & Examples

When we are using a pronoun that is inclusive or non-specific, it is called an indefinite pronoun. In this lesson, we will further define indefinite pronouns and see how they are used in sentences.

Relative Pronouns: Definition & Examples

3. Relative Pronouns: Definition & Examples

Relative pronouns are words that introduce dependent clauses in sentences called relative clauses. They can also stand alone. In this lesson, we will explore the various roles of relative pronouns.

Modifier: Examples & Definition

4. Modifier: Examples & Definition

In this lesson, we will explore the role of the modifier in the English language. You will learn how boring sentences would be without modifiers such as adjectives and adverbs. After the lesson, test yourself with a quiz.

Using Adverbs as Intensifiers

5. Using Adverbs as Intensifiers

In this lesson, we will discuss the rules for using adverbs as intensifiers and demonstrate how to identify intensifiers and the elements they modify.

Functions of Verbals: Gerunds, Participles, and Infinitives

6. Functions of Verbals: Gerunds, Participles, and Infinitives

Sometimes verbs are cleverly masked as different parts of speech and are known as 'verbals.' In this lesson, we will learn the function of verbals (gerunds, participles, and infinitives) and look at how they operate in different types of sentences.

What is an Infinitive Phrase? - Definition & Examples

7. What is an Infinitive Phrase? - Definition & Examples

A verb is a word typically used to express action or being, but sometimes, verbs are used for other purposes in a sentence. In this video, we'll discuss infinitives, a type of verb that can act as an adjective, an adverb or a noun.

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