Ch 29: Proportional Relationships & Percents

About This Chapter

This chapter is filled with fun video lessons you can explore to better understand proportional relationships and percents. Access these lessons at any time to ensure you know how to solve problems involving rates, ratios, percents and more.

Proportional Relationships & Percents - Chapter Summary

Get a quality understanding of percents and proportional relationships by watching the entertaining videos in this chapter. Instructors provide comprehensive overviews of ratios, rates, proportions and unit rates. Lessons offer clear steps for solving problems and examples to enhance your understanding. Reviewing this chapter ensures you're able to:

  • Explain the relationship between ratios and proportions
  • Demonstrate how to find the unit rate of change
  • Define a percent, and describe its uses in the real world
  • Show how to solve one-step problems involving rates and ratios
  • Exhibit your ability to solve problems using percents

The videos are short, averaging about 10 minutes each. This makes it easy for you to fit your review of proportional relationships and percents into your busy schedule. If you'd prefer to read your lessons, scroll down to find full transcripts with helpful vocabulary words. Test your knowledge of each lesson's concepts by taking multiple-choice quizzes. If you need additional information about topics covered in this chapter, don't hesitate to submit your questions to our experts.

6 Lessons in Chapter 29: Proportional Relationships & Percents
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Ratios and Proportions: Definition and Examples

1. Ratios and Proportions: Definition and Examples

Watch this video lesson to learn how ratios and proportions are related. Also, learn how ratios and proportions are used in real life and how you can apply them to yours.

How to Find the Unit Rate

2. How to Find the Unit Rate

If we are going to use math to predict outcomes, one of the most useful measures we can establish is the unit rate of change. In this lesson, you'll learn how to find the rate of change and apply the formula to real-life examples.

What is a Percent? - Definition & Examples

3. What is a Percent? - Definition & Examples

Thinking in terms of pizza is an excellent way to think about percentages. Learn how it can help you understand percentages in this video lesson. You will also learn about the uses of percentages in the real world.

How to Solve a One-Step Problem Involving Rates

4. How to Solve a One-Step Problem Involving Rates

One of the most useful aspects of math is the ability to take a rate and use it to solve questions of time or quantity. In this lesson, we'll learn how to use rates, time, and quantity to solve for each other.

How to Solve a One-Step Problem Involving Ratios

5. How to Solve a One-Step Problem Involving Ratios

Ratios show the relationship between different things. They can be very useful in math and everyday life. Learn how you can quickly and easily solve one-step ratio problems.

Solve Problems Using Percents

6. Solve Problems Using Percents

Percents are your friend. Think of all the cool things percents do for you. They save you money, and they tell you how well you are doing in school. Learn how you can solve problems with percents in this video lesson.

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