Ch 21: PSAT Math: Inequalities

About This Chapter

Review the elements of math inequalities to prepare for the PSAT. Video lessons and quizzes incorporate all of the elements of the math inequalities section in a simple and clear manner.

PSAT Math: Inequalities - Chapter Summary

Follow these math inequality concepts to assist you in garnering high scores when taking the math section of the PSAT. These video lessons can help train you in:

  • Identifying inequalities
  • Solving and graphing absolute value inequalities
  • Setting notation, compound inequalities and system inequalities

This chapter provides you with short, easy-to-understand video lessons. After watching the video lessons, you'll find quizzes that provide you with feedback immediately after completion. Use this feedback to decide if you're prepared to take the PSAT math test.

PSAT Math Objectives

The PSAT math portion consists of 40 multiple-choice questions and eight student-produced response questions, or grid-ins across two sections. While taking the PSAT math test, you're allowed to use a calculator to assist with answering questions in one section, but there is a section where use of a calculator is prohibited. Below are the three areas of emphasis that are covered in the PSAT math test:

  • Heart of Algebra
  • Problem solving and data analysis
  • Passport to Advanced Matrh

The PSAT's goal is to help you assess whether or not you're ready to take the SAT, as well as give you an idea of what you can expect the SATs to look like. PSAT results explain your strengths and weaknesses, which you may want to improve. Since the PSAT is co-sponsored by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC), you're able to access tools for career and college planning. You may also be selected to participate in an NMSC scholarship program.

6 Lessons in Chapter 21: PSAT Math: Inequalities
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What is an Inequality?

1. What is an Inequality?

Deciding how to spend your money can be a tricky thing. Should you save it, invest it, or enjoy it? Learn how inequalities can help you make your decision!

Set Notation, Compound Inequalities, and Systems of Inequalities

2. Set Notation, Compound Inequalities, and Systems of Inequalities

In this lesson, we'll explore the conditions of compound inequalities and learn how to express them using set notation and interval notation. Test you knowledge afterward with a short quiz.

How to Solve and Graph an Absolute Value Inequality

3. How to Solve and Graph an Absolute Value Inequality

Taking two skills and combining them to make a more complicated problem is a classic tactic in mathematics. If you feel confident with absolute values and inequalities, see if you can tackle them with their powers combined here!

Solving and Graphing Absolute Value Inequalities: Practice Problems

4. Solving and Graphing Absolute Value Inequalities: Practice Problems

Solving and graphing absolute value inequalities brings a lot of different skills together in one place. The practice problems in this video will give you a good chance to see more examples of absolute value inequalities but will also test your general algebraic knowledge.

Solving One-Step Linear Inequalities

5. Solving One-Step Linear Inequalities

In this video lesson, you will learn how you can solve any kind of linear inequality that only requires one step. Learn when you need to subtract, when you need to add, when you need to multiply, and when you need to divide.

Solving Two-Step Linear Inequalities

6. Solving Two-Step Linear Inequalities

After watching this video lesson, you will be able to solve any kind of linear inequality problem where you only have to perform two steps. You will know in what order to perform each step and you will know just what kind of operation you need to do.

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