Ch 16: Public & World Health Issues

About This Chapter

Complete the lessons and assessments of this chapter to improve your understanding of what public and world health are, issues of public and world health and how they are handled.

Public & World Health Issues - Chapter Summary

This chapter has been assembled by our professional instructors to provide you with a review of public and world health issues. The short, engaging lessons are mobile device compatible so that you may have a versatile way to study:

  • The difference between public health and individual health
  • Things people can do to help control the spread of diseases
  • How vaccinations and immunotherapy boost immune systems
  • Global health issues and why they are spreading
  • Major health issues in the United States

After each lesson be sure to complete the lesson's transcript to improve your retention of the information presented. Then complete the lesson's quiz to discover topics you don't understand, and use the video tags from your quiz results to return to and reinforce your understanding of the parts of the lesson that explained these topics.

5 Lessons in Chapter 16: Public & World Health Issues
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What is Public Health? - Definition & Principles

1. What is Public Health? - Definition & Principles

Public health is the concept of supporting society through investing in education, healthcare, healthy environmental protection, and sanitation. Identify specific principles of public health in the environment, sanitation, medicine, and education.

Disease Control & Prevention

2. Disease Control & Prevention

Disease control and prevention can be accomplished in many ways. Learn the different ways to control disease, about getting a vaccine, antiseptics and disinfectants, vector control, and using sanitation to fight disease.

Vaccination and Immunotherapy

3. Vaccination and Immunotherapy

Vaccination and immunotherapy are two ways scientists have discovered to help the body's own immune system fend off and treat diseases. Explore how the immune system's natural defenses, and discover how vaccinations prevent disease and how immunotherapies supercharge the immune system to treat many diseases, including cancer.

Types of Global Health Issues

4. Types of Global Health Issues

Global health issues/concerns affect large populations and cut across governments and countries. Learn about its different types such as epidemics and pandemics, as well as economic, cultural, and political factors that contribute to its causes.

Major Health Problems in the United States

5. Major Health Problems in the United States

Major health problems in the United States include obesity, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, arthritis, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and malignant neoplasia. Learn about common health-related problems that affect the lives of millions of Americans.

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