Ch 20: Radioactivity in Chemistry

About This Chapter

The short lessons in this chapter help you review radioactivity in chemistry at your own pace. These effective study resources can function as convenient test prep materials, tutoring solutions and homework help tools.

Radioactivity in Chemistry - Chapter Summary

Work through this chapter's engaging lessons to review radioactivity in chemistry. These short video and text-based lessons outline the properties, production and uses of radioactive isotopes, transuranic elements, actinides and more. You'll also study radiation and evaluate common radiation detection methods. Upon completion of this chapter, you'll be equipped to:

  • Evaluate the uses of radioactive isotopes
  • Understand how commercial radioisotopes are produced
  • Outline the causes and effects of radiation
  • Assess several methods that are used to detect radiation
  • Recognize the properties and uses of actinides
  • Define the transuranic elements

To enhance your studying experience and help you retain essential radioactivity concepts, we've included lesson-specific quizzes and a comprehensive chapter exam. Our expert chemistry instructors are available to answer your questions, and you can use the course Dashboard feature to navigate to specific lesson topics. The chapter can be accessed on any computer or mobile device, which allows you to study at any time that's convenient.

7 Lessons in Chapter 20: Radioactivity in Chemistry
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Radioactive Isotope: Definition & Uses

1. Radioactive Isotope: Definition & Uses

There are over 1,000 known radioactive isotopes of elements in the periodic table. There are many applications of radioactive isotopes in various fields. In this lesson, we will learn all about radioactive isotopes and their uses.

Using Radioisotopes in the Sciences

2. Using Radioisotopes in the Sciences

How are radioisotopes used in science? Learn about their applications for the dating of rocks, in medicine, environmental science and materials science. See what you know with a quiz.

Commercial Radioisotopes: Definition & Production

3. Commercial Radioisotopes: Definition & Production

Radioisotopes are generated for many purposes including medical tests, industrial applications and scientific research. In this lesson, we will investigate what they are used for and how they are produced.

What is Radiation? - Definition, Causes & Effects

4. What is Radiation? - Definition, Causes & Effects

Learn about the reality and pervasiveness of radiation in our world. Discover some of the causes of radiation, and find out about the risks and rewards of harnessing it for our use.

Radiation Detection: Methods & Examples

5. Radiation Detection: Methods & Examples

Certain isotopes of elements are unstable and undergo radioactive decay. Radiation is the result of radioactive decay. In this lesson, we will investigate various methods to detect radiation.

Actinides: Definition, Properties & Uses

6. Actinides: Definition, Properties & Uses

There is a family of elements found on the periodic table called actinides. Explore this lesson to learn about what the actinides are, their properties, and uses. Test your knowledge with a short quiz.

Transuranium Elements: Definition & Production

7. Transuranium Elements: Definition & Production

Transuranium elements are the elements with atomic numbers higher than uranium's atomic number. In this lesson, we will investigate what is special about these elements.

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