Ch 7: Rainforest Environments Lesson Plans

About This Chapter

These helpful and handy lesson plans on rainforest environments can become an integral part of your plants and ecology instruction. You can use these resources to create classroom assignments, homework assignments or as exam prep.

Rainforest Environments Lesson Plans - Chapter Summary

Use the materials in this chapter to build your syllabus and supplement your regular plants and ecology instruction. These lesson plan outlines have accompanying lessons that can help your students learn about rainforest ecology, what happens when deforestation takes place, the ecosystems found in the Amazon river basin and other related topics. The user-friendly online platform places these outlines and related materials at your fingertips at your convenience, and the quizzes and chapter test allow you to monitor your students' understanding of the information. You can use these resources to create lessons on:

  • Rainforest ecosystems
  • The Amazon rainforest and river basin
  • Rainforest deforestation in the Amazon
  • Types and adaptations of rainforest plants
  • Ecology of the rainforest
  • Structure of a tropical rainforest energy pyramid
  • Amazon rainforest endangered species

How It Helps

  • Homework/classwork suggestions: Provides ideas for assignments on rainforest environments and ecology that your students can work on in class or at home.
  • Curriculum standards: Helps ensure that your lessons on rainforest environments are consistent with current educational requirements.
  • Class discussion questions/topics: Offers ideas to help stimulate class discussion on rainforest deforestation and endangered species.

How It Works

This helpful resource offers teachers lesson plan outlines with relevant tools to make planning lessons on rainforest environments easy.

  • Find lesson plans for specific topics you want to cover in your class on rainforest environments.
  • Formulate your class outline on rainforest environments using the suggested classroom tools offered in the lesson plans.
  • Share the related lessons for each rainforest environments lesson plan with students in class to make learning fun and engaging.
  • Use related lesson quizzes to ensure your students understand the most important concepts from these lessons on the rainforest environments.
  • Engage your students with relevant discussion questions or other materials related to rainforest environments found in the lesson plan outline.

15 Lessons in Chapter 7: Rainforest Environments Lesson Plans
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Rainforest Lesson Plan

1. Rainforest Lesson Plan

What is it like in a rainforest? A text lesson walks students through the facts and a research activity allows students to delve deeper. Suggestions for extra activities and related lessons are included as well.

Rainforest Ecosystem Lesson for Kids

2. Rainforest Ecosystem Lesson for Kids

What makes the tropical rainforest so special? In this lesson, you will learn about the beautiful rainforest ecosystem, where they are in the world, and what plants and creatures live there.

Amazon Rainforest Lesson Plan

3. Amazon Rainforest Lesson Plan

Where is the Amazon rainforest and what is it like? This lesson plan uses two informative text lessons to explain key facts about this region. An activity gives students a chance at creative engagement.

The Amazon River Basin: Geography & Climate

4. The Amazon River Basin: Geography & Climate

What exactly is the Amazon River basin? Learn about the geography, flora and fauna, and climate of one of the most biologically diverse and valuable parts of Earth in this lesson.

Amazon Rainforest: Ecosystem & Facts

5. Amazon Rainforest: Ecosystem & Facts

In this lesson, you'll be learning about characteristics that define the Amazon rainforest biome. We'll also look at the different trophic levels in the ecosystem and how they interact.

Amazon Deforestation Lesson Plan

6. Amazon Deforestation Lesson Plan

Teach your students about deforestation in the Amazon rainforest with this lesson plan. Two lessons are used to explain what deforestation is and examine the causes and effects. Hands-on activities, discussion questions, and a quiz help make this lesson memorable.

Amazon Rainforest Deforestation: Causes & Effects

7. Amazon Rainforest Deforestation: Causes & Effects

Deforestation is a major issue in the Amazon rainforest. In this lesson, you'll learn about some of the causes of deforestation as well as the effects the clearing has had and will have in the future.

Amazon Rainforest Deforestation: Facts & Statistics

8. Amazon Rainforest Deforestation: Facts & Statistics

This lesson goes over some astonishing facts and statistics about Amazon deforestation. You'll learn why it occurs, how much land has been lost, and if it's getting any better or worse.

Tropical Rainforest Biome Project Ideas

9. Tropical Rainforest Biome Project Ideas

Tropical rainforests are incredible habitats. These projects can help your students study biodiversity, types of tropical rainforests, and the impacts of pollution on the world.

Rainforest Plants Lesson Plan

10. Rainforest Plants Lesson Plan

What types of plants grow in a rainforest? This lesson plan will help you teach students about the unique characteristics of rainforest plants and flowers through a text lesson and a fun hands-on activity.

Rainforest Plants: Types & Adaptations

11. Rainforest Plants: Types & Adaptations

The rainforest isn't your average garden. Check out this lesson to learn about giant flowers, flesh eating plants, and flowers that put out a scent of rotting flesh. Here, we'll learn about the unique adaptations that plants use to survive in the tropical rainforest.

Rainforest Ecology Lesson Plan

12. Rainforest Ecology Lesson Plan

Teachers, explore rainforest ecology by introducing students to the energy pyramid in this lesson. Students will complete a reading assignment, answer discussion questions, construct an energy pyramid, and take a quiz to demonstrate learning.

The Energy Pyramid of a Tropical Rainforest

13. The Energy Pyramid of a Tropical Rainforest

What do you know about energy pyramids and the tropical rainforest? In this lesson, you will learn what an energy pyramid is as well as what the energy pyramid of a tropical rainforest looks like.

Endangered Species of the Amazon Rainforest

14. Endangered Species of the Amazon Rainforest

In this lesson, we'll be exploring the endangered species of the Amazon rainforest. Explore rare, unique plants and animals found nowhere else on Earth and the threats to their survival.

Rainforest Unit Plan

15. Rainforest Unit Plan

Adventuring through the rainforest, even from a classroom, can be an exhilarating adventure! Use this unit plan as your tour guide as you take students on a journey from biome basics to how rainforests impact people around the world.

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