Ch 35: Ratios, Proportion, Exponents & Scientific Notation

About This Chapter

Use this chapter and its educational text and video lessons to get information about ratios, proportion, exponents and scientific notation. Supplement your existing knowledge by studying the lessons and completing the quizzes that are included.

Ratios, Proportion, Exponents and Scientific Notation - Chapter Summary

The text and video lessons in this chapter will explain the fundamentals of ratios, proportion, exponents and scientific notation. Learn the characteristics of rational numbers, discover how numbers are written utilizing scientific notation, and explore applications for ratios and proportions in the real world. Several examples are included in order to help you perfect your problem-solving techniques. Study the lessons so that you may:

  • Identify rational numbers and write them as fractions
  • Understand the relationship between proportions and ratios
  • Change percents to decimals and fractions
  • Interpret and write exponents
  • Change numbers to scientific notation

For your benefit, the lessons are short and provide the above information so that it's easily absorbed. Learn visually by watching the video lessons, which last about ten minutes. With one click you can play and pause the videos. Jump from one main topic to the next when you use the video tags. This flexibility will allow you to skim over familiar subjects or further explore concepts that you need to study more intensively. You can read over the text lessons, which also contain quizzes and links to similar topics.

5 Lessons in Chapter 35: Ratios, Proportion, Exponents & Scientific Notation
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What are Rational Numbers? - Definition & Examples

1. What are Rational Numbers? - Definition & Examples

Rational numbers are created by dividing two integers. Learn about the definition of rational numbers and explore several examples. Compare rational numbers to irrational numbers and review examples of irrational numbers.

Ratios and Proportions: Definition and Examples

2. Ratios and Proportions: Definition and Examples

Proportions are ratios, or value comparisons, that are equal to one another. Learn more about proportions and ratios, how to use them, and real world examples.

Percents: Definition, Application & Examples

3. Percents: Definition, Application & Examples

Percent means per hundred and is expressed with the symbol %. Explore the definition, application, and example practice problems of percents and learn how to use percents with fractions and decimals.

What Are Exponents? - Definition, Properties & Rules

4. What Are Exponents? - Definition, Properties & Rules

Exponents tell the number of times in which a quantity can multiply by itself. Learn the definition of exponents and about the rules and properties of zero and negative exponents, product properties, division properties, power of a product, and the quotients of properties and powers.

Converting Numbers to Scientific Notation

5. Converting Numbers to Scientific Notation

When numbers are too long and unwieldy to be easily expressed as a decimal, they can be simplified using scientific notation. Learn how to convert numbers to scientific notation. Review several examples to understand the process and benefits of converting both large and small numbers using scientific notation.

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