Ch 2: Recognizing Bullying & Its Effects

About This Chapter

Whether you're preparing for a quiz or test, want to increase your grades or seek personal understanding of how to recognize bullying and its effects, this chapter can help! Review these engaging lessons on the signs of bullying, how bullying makes people feel and myths about why bullying occurs.

Recognizing Bullying & Its Effects - Chapter Summary

While it's no secret that bullying affects students every day, recognizing when it occurs can be a challenge. Use this chapter to learn about ways to recognize bullying and examine how it impacts its victims. Instructors provide quality insights about bullying via entertaining video and text lessons. Experts are also able to answer any questions you have. When ready, feel free to assess your knowledge by taking short quizzes. A chapter exam is also available to reinforce lesson concepts. Upon completion of this chapter, you will be able to:

  • Identify bullying warning signs
  • Determine if you are a target for bullying
  • Regonize signs that indicate you have been bullying others
  • Share reasons people bully one another
  • Discuss how bullying impacts people
  • Define bullycide and describe its warning signs
  • List myths about bullying in school

6 Lessons in Chapter 2: Recognizing Bullying & Its Effects
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Warning Signs of Bullying

1. Warning Signs of Bullying

What should you look out for when it comes to bullying? It depends on if the child is being bullied or is the bully themselves. This lesson points out warning signs of both.

Are You a Target of Bullying?

2. Are You a Target of Bullying?

This lesson discusses what bullying is and helps the reader determine if they are the target of a bully. The lesson uses an example of a bullying situation, provides a definition, and then looks at how someone who is bullied can stop the harassment.

Do You Bully Other People?

3. Do You Bully Other People?

Do you behave in ways that bully others and don't know it? This lesson will explain how you can tell if you bully other people and discuss ways to avoid this behavior.

How Bullying Affects People

4. How Bullying Affects People

Do you know how bullying affects people? Maybe you were bullied at one point and can answer that question somewhat. If you weren't or don't know for sure, read this lesson to find out how bullying affects children and adults.

Bullycide: Definition & Statistics

5. Bullycide: Definition & Statistics

This lesson will provide a definition of bullycide and discuss current statistics on suicide attempts. An actual case study of bullycide will be reviewed, and important suicide warning signs will be discussed.

Myths about Bullying in School

6. Myths about Bullying in School

There are many mixed messages and inaccurate information floating around about bullying in schools. It's important to address and contradict some of these myths. Here are answers to a few of the most common ones.

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