Ch 6: Reconstruction Lesson Plans & Resources

About This Chapter

This chapter is filled with teacher resources you can use to enhance your history curriculum on the Reconstruction. Utilizing our lesson plans, activity ideas and other resources can strengthen your instructional methods while helping you create lessons that get your students exited about this historic period.

Reconstruction Lesson Plans & Resources - Chapter Summary

If you're looking for teacher resources that can help you develop quality lessons focused on the Reconstruction era, you've reached the right place! Explore lesson plans that offer instructional guidance and assignment ideas you can use during the lesson planning process. Activity ideas are also available to strengthen classroom engagement and participation. Among the topics covered in this chapter are:

  • Basics of the Reconstruction era
  • Reconstruction acts of 1867
  • Reconstruction amendments
  • Sharecropping

Accompanying each lesson plan is at least one supplemental lesson you can share with students to enhance your instruction. Feel free to use our multiple-choice quizzes to test your students' knowledge of these supplemental lessons.

How It Helps

  • Curriculum standards: Ensures lessons you've created using the lesson plans in this chapter align with U.S. history curriculum standards.
  • Project ideas: Offers ideas for projects you can give your students to help showcase their understanding of the Reconstruction era.
  • Vocabulary words: Lists important terms related to the Reconstruction era you can share with your students.

How It Works

This helpful resource offers teachers lesson plan outlines with relevant tools to make planning Reconstruction lessons easy.

  • Find lesson plans for specific Reconstruction topics you want to cover in class.
  • Formulate your history class outline using the suggested classroom tools offered in the lesson plans.
  • Share the related Reconstruction lessons for each lesson plan with students in class to make learning fun and engaging.
  • Use related lesson quizzes to ensure your students understand the most important Reconstruction concepts from the lessons.
  • Engage your students with relevant Reconstruction-related activities, discussion questions or other materials found in the lesson plan outline.

11 Lessons in Chapter 6: Reconstruction Lesson Plans & Resources
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Reconstruction Lesson Plan

1. Reconstruction Lesson Plan

Use this lesson plan to teach your students about Reconstruction. Examine aspects of the Reconstruction Act and discuss key vocabulary. Follow up with an activity comparing primary and secondary sources.

Reconstruction Acts of 1867: Definition & History

2. Reconstruction Acts of 1867: Definition & History

This lesson will describe the Reconstruction Acts of 1867, including the historical context in which they were formed, their content and their impact on post-Civil War America.

Civil War Reconstruction Project Ideas

3. Civil War Reconstruction Project Ideas

After learning about Reconstruction with your middle or high school students, use these projects to help students think critically about what they have learned and take their research a step further.

Reconstruction Amendments Lesson Plan

4. Reconstruction Amendments Lesson Plan

The Reconstruction Amendments were a major part of the Reconstruction Period in the U.S. Your students will learn about these amendments as they watch a video and make cause and effects charts.

Reconstruction Era Activities

5. Reconstruction Era Activities

Learning about the Reconstruction Era gives students an important opportunity to understand racial history in the United States. This lesson offers activities that bring the Reconstruction Era into sharper focus.

Reconstruction Era Activities for Kids

6. Reconstruction Era Activities for Kids

If your class is learning about the Gilded Age, then the Reconstruction Era is an important time period to study. Use these activities to help your students explore the events and ideas of the Reconstruction Era.

Black Codes Lesson Plan

7. Black Codes Lesson Plan

Teach your students how Reconstruction efforts were derailed by what we call the Black Codes. Students will read an informational text defining the term and explaining what they were, and the government's response to them. Interactive activities and discussion questions provided along with a quiz to test understanding.

What Were the Black Codes? - History & Explanation

8. What Were the Black Codes? - History & Explanation

The Thirteenth Amendment abolished the institution of slavery. Unfortunately, the newly attained freedom for African Americans was curtailed by the Southern adoption of the Black Codes. Learn how former slave states continued to oppress African Americans through this unequal system.

Sharecropping and Tenant Farming: Definition & Overview

9. Sharecropping and Tenant Farming: Definition & Overview

After the end of the Civil War, two new forms of agricultural labor filled the vacuum of slavery. Learn about sharecropping and tenant farming, and test your knowledge with a quiz.

Sharecropping Lesson Plan

10. Sharecropping Lesson Plan

This lesson plan explores sharecropping and tenant farming during the early 1900's. Students will read a lesson, participate in discussion questions, complete an activity and take a quiz.

The Great Chicago Fire Lesson Plan for 3rd Grade

11. The Great Chicago Fire Lesson Plan for 3rd Grade

The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 was an historic event in the city of Chicago. In this lesson plan, students will learn about the effects and possible causes of this fire and develop a project to report on what they learn.

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