Ch 7: Reflection of Light

About This Chapter

Enhance your knowledge of light reflection and refraction by using these helpful text and video lessons. Learn new information or review this material as you prepare to take student assessment or college entrance exams.

Reflection of Light - Chapter Summary

What is the law of reflection? What are concave and convex mirrors? This is the type of information you can expect to explore by using the lessons in this chapter. You will have the opportunity to review definitions and examples that will clarify details about these topics and possibly reveal facts you might not have been familiar with. Once you have completed this chapter, you should possess the following abilities:

  • Understand the physics law of reflection and how it is applied
  • Differentiate between plane and spherical mirrors
  • Explain how concave and convex mirrors work
  • Define reflection and refraction of light
  • Conduct light reflection and refraction experiments

Let expert instructors guide you through each lesson and track your progress through this chapter on your Dashboard. View video lessons as often as needed at any time, on any device, or print lesson transcripts to use as reference tools. Self-assessment quizzes will determine how much you have retained from each lesson and whether you need to continue your review of any of these topics.

5 Lessons in Chapter 7: Reflection of Light
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What is the Law of Reflection of Light? - Definition & Overview

1. What is the Law of Reflection of Light? - Definition & Overview

In this lesson you will learn about the concept of reflection, including one of the simplest laws of physics, the law of reflection. You will learn about the main features of the law of reflection as well as some application and facts about reflection in general.

Mirrors: Difference Between Plane & Spherical

2. Mirrors: Difference Between Plane & Spherical

After watching this lesson, you will be able to explain what a mirror is and how plane mirrors and spherical mirrors are different, including the images they produce. A short quiz will follow.

What is a Concave Mirror? - Definition, Uses & Equation

3. What is a Concave Mirror? - Definition, Uses & Equation

A concave mirror can make images that appear to float in the air! In this lesson, you will learn about what concave mirrors look like and how they work.

What is a Convex Mirror? - Definition, Uses & Equation

4. What is a Convex Mirror? - Definition, Uses & Equation

Convex mirrors have reflective surfaces that curve outward. In this lesson, learn about the types of images that can be formed by a convex mirror and some of the uses of convex mirrors.

Reflection & Refraction of Light: Physics Lab

5. Reflection & Refraction of Light: Physics Lab

This lesson examines what reflection and refraction are and demonstrates how they work using experimentation. You'll be provided with step-by-step instructions on how to complete the experiments, as well as have the ability to complete a short quiz.

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