Ch 19: Relativity & Quantum Theory in Modern Physics

About This Chapter

Watch video lessons and learn about how the different views on relativity and quantum theory affect the practices of modern physics. The quizzes that follow each lesson can help you gauge your comprehension of the materials.

Relativity & Quantum Theory - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

It is often written that Einstein said everything is relative, but what does that mean? In this chapter, you can look at the general theory of relativity and learn how to apply the equation for the theory of special relativity. You'll also learn that quantum theory's explanations of light's duality as both waves and particles has led to many technological advances. Explore our lessons about relativity and quantum theory by completing this chapter, and afterwards you should be able to identify:

  • Units of energy
  • The difference between particles and waves
  • Techniques for measuring particles and waves
  • How gravity creates curves in space and time

General Theory of Relativity: Analysis & Practice Problems Using the general theories of relativity, solve some hypothetical problems and discuss the findings.
Theory of Special Relativity: Definition, Equation & Quiz Identify Einstein's special relativity theory and review related mathematical equations.
Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity: Analysis & Practice Problems Continue analyzing Einstein's theory and apply his theory to some sample problems.
Nuclear Reaction: Definition, Description & Practice Problems Explain what occurs during a nuclear reaction and solve some hypothetical problems related to this topic.
Quantum Theory: Definition & Examples Analyze and collaborate about the five main topics addressed within quantum theory: 1) the properties of energy; 2) the properties of elementary particles; 3) the randomness in movement of particles; 4) the inability to measure the momentum and positions of particles simultaneously; and, 5) differences between our world and the atomic world.
The Speed of Light: Distance & Light-Years Review how scientists have measured the speed of light, examine the relationship between the speed of light and distance, and examine the measurements for the speed of light and for light-years.

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