Ch 13: Reproductive Health & Pharmacology

About This Chapter

Understanding pharmacological processes and methods relating to in vitro and in vivo fertilization can help to boost your current career in this field. Use this chapter Enhance your ability to explain reproductive health topics and possibly advance your career in the pharmacology industry.

Reproductive Health & Pharmacology - Chapter Summary

The instructors in this chapter present term definitions and examples to ensure your full understanding of technologies, studies and procedures relating to reproductive health pharmacology and different types of fertilization methods. You will have the opportunity to read details about the processes followed to achieve desired results using these various methods.

Short lessons are easy to follow, and you can choose to print the texts for easy reference. In the text, key terms are placed in bold so you can easily identify them while you study. Take self-assessment quizzes to measure your comprehension of the material covered in each lesson before moving on through the chapter.

How It Helps

Whether you're seeking your first position or possess current experience in the pharmacological field, you can benefit by reviewing the lessons in this chapter. Your ability to clarify processes for clients at fertilization clinics can prove to be an asset to your career as a pharmacologist or clinician.

Skills Covered

By the end of this chapter, you'll be able to:

  • Compare in vivo and in vitro studies and processes
  • Relate information about in vitro fertilization methods and technology used to apply these methods
  • Define cross-cultural communication and apply strategies for achieving success in this area
  • Analyze in silico modeling
  • Describe in vivo and in situ experiments
  • Detail the process of in vitro fertilization

6 Lessons in Chapter 13: Reproductive Health & Pharmacology
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In Vitro vs. In Vivo Studies: Definitions & Processes

1. In Vitro vs. In Vivo Studies: Definitions & Processes

This lesson is going to look at the two main categories for how we study the body. We will cover in-vitro as well as in-vivo studies and look at some of the most common processes used.

In Vitro Fertilization Methods

2. In Vitro Fertilization Methods

In vitro fertilization is something that we hear about, and there are many details to the process. We are going to look at different methods used to complete the procedure of in vitro fertilization.

Technology Used in In Vitro Fertilization

3. Technology Used in In Vitro Fertilization

In this lesson, readers will learn about various types of technology and their uses with respect to in vitro fertilization. Readers will also explore terminology related to in vitro fertilization

In Vivo vs. In Situ Experiments

4. In Vivo vs. In Situ Experiments

This lesson will cover the differences between ''in vivo'' and ''in situ'' experiments. We will briefly cover the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

In Vivo Fertilization: Definition & Process

5. In Vivo Fertilization: Definition & Process

We are going to get a working definition of in vivo fertilization and discuss the different players as well as the process of in vivo fertilization. We will discuss natural in vivo fertilization as well as assisted in vivo fertilization.

Alternative Medicine for Menopause

6. Alternative Medicine for Menopause

From herbal supplements to homeopathic remedies. From good dietary habits to acupressure. There are many alternative therapies for menopause this lesson discusses.

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