Ch 10: Rock Music

About This Chapter

Watch fun video lessons to learn about rock music's instruments, early years and musicians. The quick quizzes that go with each lesson can help you check your understanding.

Rock Music - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Rock music experienced its origins in the blues. This chapter introduces you to the early musicians and then leads into more recent performers, trends and types of music. You can also find out about the main instruments used in rock music and the typical band configuration. By the time you work your way through the engaging video lessons in this chapter, you could know about the following topics:

  • Rock music instrument types
  • Rock's influence on young people
  • Influential musicians of the past and present
  • Various types of rock music

Video Objective
Early History of Rock Music Meet Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Bill Haley, Buddy Holly and Little Richard. Explore rock's beginnings in the blues and the effects of rock music on the young.
Major Acts in Rock Music's Early Years Become acquainted with the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix. Learn about the progression of changes in the music, production and public images displayed.
Instruments in Rock Music Discuss the typical instruments and band setup used.
Early Types of Rock Music Identify early music types, such as rockabilly, blues rock, folk rock, surf rock and psychedelic rock.
Modern Types of Rock Music Explain and give examples of rap, heavy metal, alternative & grunge, indie and punk rock.

6 Lessons in Chapter 10: Rock Music
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Atonal Music: Definition, Schoenberg & Examples

1. Atonal Music: Definition, Schoenberg & Examples

Most Western music is based around certain tones. But what happens if we don't do this? Explore atonal music and discover how Arnold Schoenberg contributed to this style. Then, test your understanding with a brief quiz.

Early History of Rock Music

2. Early History of Rock Music

This lesson gives you snapshots from the early days of rock, focused on four of its superstars. You'll learn how each musician added their mark to the story of rock and roll.

Major Acts in Rock Music of the 1960s

3. Major Acts in Rock Music of the 1960s

This lesson provides insight into four top rock acts of the 1960s. Through descriptions of the impact of their music along with lyrics from each, you'll come away with a taste of what late 1960s rock had to offer the world.

Instruments in Rock Music

4. Instruments in Rock Music

Rock music contains a wide variety of sounds, but the instrumentation of a rock band usually follows a set pattern. In this lesson, you'll learn about the typical instruments and some variations.

Early Types of Rock Music

5. Early Types of Rock Music

This lesson takes you back in time to the early days of rock music in the 1950s and '60s. You'll learn the differences between the rock music styles of that time and how they relate to one another.

Modern Types of Rock Music

6. Modern Types of Rock Music

In this lesson, you'll learn about several subgenres of rock, many of which are still prominent today or have influenced other forms of rock. You'll get a taste for each style and then find out what you remember by taking a short quiz.

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