Ch 6: Romantic British Literature

About This Chapter

This chapter will take you on a journey through Romantic British literature. You can explore classic fiction and prose from authors from this time period, analyzing and comparing the characteristics of their writing.

Romantic British Literature - Chapter Summary

While working through this chapter, you can learn how to identify elements of the Romantic style and review many classic authors from this time period. You will study the structures of writings by Mary Shelley, the Bronte sisters, Sir Walter Scott, and Jane Austen. You will also investigate the influence of their lives on their literary style. When you have completed this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Construct a list of the characteristics of Romantic prose and list major authors
  • Compare the differences of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein in the novel and the film
  • Summarize the life and major works of Emily and Charlotte Bronte
  • List the major works of Sir Walter Scott
  • Describe the life and novels of Jane Austen

Professional instructors will guide you in your study of British literature through concise video lessons. You can easily review specific points in the lessons by using the Timeline feature of the video player. Transcripts of the lessons are also provided for you to review. Be sure to make use of the self-assessment quizzes, as well. They will provide helpful feedback on your progress understanding the specific ideas presented in the chapter.

5 Lessons in Chapter 6: Romantic British Literature
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Introduction to Romantic Prose: Overview of Authors and Works

1. Introduction to Romantic Prose: Overview of Authors and Works

Romantic prose exists in novels, short stories and essays written during the Romantic period, specifically in England. The Romantic period lasted from about 1800 to 1840.

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein: Literature vs. Film

2. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein: Literature vs. Film

FIRE BAD! That may be the depth of your experience with Frankenstein. But before he broke into pop culture, the character had a rich literary history. Watch our lesson to learn more!

Emily and Charlotte Bronte: Sisters and Authors

3. Emily and Charlotte Bronte: Sisters and Authors

Long before JK Rowling dreamed up Fred and George Weasley, Charlotte and Elizabeth Bronte accomplished impressive things as siblings. Their family history is a sad one, though, and their feelings of loss are evident in their most famous novels, Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights.

Introduction to Sir Walter Scott: Works of Historical Fiction

4. Introduction to Sir Walter Scott: Works of Historical Fiction

In his life, Sir Walter Scott was both a lawyer and a poet, though it's when he started to write historical novels - anonymously - that his work really took off. Watch this video to learn all about the man credited with creating a whole genre of fiction.

Jane Austen: Biography and Major Novels

5. Jane Austen: Biography and Major Novels

When you hear the name Jane Austen, you probably think about long dresses, stuffy tea parties, and British accents - unless you don't know who she is. In that case, you really need to watch this video about the writer's life and works.

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