Ch 8: Routing Protocols & Standard Practices

About This Chapter

If you need some help getting ready for an upcoming exam on routing protocols and standard practices, check out this helpful chapter. Designed by experienced educators, it contains lessons and quizzes that you can use at your convenience 24 hours a day.

Routing Protocols & Standard Practices - Chapter Summary

This chapter contains a series of handy and easy-to-understand lessons on routing protocols and standard practices. As you study, you'll Internet packets, the function of routing information protocols and the limitations of spanning tree protocols. If you have any trouble with these topics, you're welcome to reach out to an expert through the dashboard with your questions. Take the quiz included with each lesson to test your knowledge and make sure you've understood what you've learned. After completing this lesson, you should know how to do the following:

  • Explain what an Internet packet is
  • Differentiate between interior and exterior gateways and routing protocols
  • Define EIGIRP and its functionality
  • Detail the configuration of OSPF
  • Discuss the function and versions of routing information protocol
  • Identify the uses and limitations of spanning tree protocol
  • Understand how to implement spanning tree protocol in VLANs and WANs

8 Lessons in Chapter 8: Routing Protocols & Standard Practices
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Internet Packet: Definition & Explanation

1. Internet Packet: Definition & Explanation

In this lesson, we'll define Internet packets and describe Internet packet construction. We'll also discuss the 14 fields comprising a typical data packet.

Routing Protocols: Interior & Exterior Gateways

2. Routing Protocols: Interior & Exterior Gateways

In this lesson, we will define routing protocol and learn the role routing protocols play in networks. We will examine interior and exterior gateways, learning their functions and differences.

EIGRP: Definition, Protocol & Functionality

3. EIGRP: Definition, Protocol & Functionality

EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol) is a dynamic routing distance-vector protocol used only in Cisco Routers. Let us understand this protocol and how it works using this lesson.

OSPF: Definition, Routing & Configuration

4. OSPF: Definition, Routing & Configuration

This lesson will discuss OSPF and how it works with writing and configuration of network processes. OSPF is a link state interior gateway protocol that was incepted to move beyond RIP and RIPv2. It is made for larger networks.

Routing Information Protocol: Definition, Function & Versions

5. Routing Information Protocol: Definition, Function & Versions

In this lesson, we will discuss what the Routing Information Protocol is and how routers use it to determine the most efficient network path in which to send data. Additionally, we will briefly discuss the two versions of the protocol and the differences between them.

Spanning Tree Protocol: Definition, Uses & Limitations

6. Spanning Tree Protocol: Definition, Uses & Limitations

Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) is a layer 2 protocol that prevents loops among the networking devices on various network segments. The definition, working, uses and limitations of STP are discussed in this lesson.

Implementing Spanning Tree Protocol in VLANs

7. Implementing Spanning Tree Protocol in VLANs

Spanning Tree Protocol prevents loops in networking switches and VLAN divides a switch into different virtual networks. STP can be mixed with VLAN for a better configuration. Let us discuss STP configuration on VLAN in detail.

Implementing Spanning Tree Protocol in WANs

8. Implementing Spanning Tree Protocol in WANs

This lesson explores implementing Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) in Wide Area Network (WAN). The lesson also explains how to confirm that your configuration works properly.

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