Ch 2: Sales Strategies & Business Development

About This Chapter

This chapter's video lessons will help corporate employees learn essential facts about sales strategies and business development. Employees can go over key points of sales and sales strategies in a business setting.

Sales Strategies & Business Development - Chapter Summary

Given the importance of sales in business development, your employees can watch the video lessons contained in this chapter to learn about key topics related to sales and strategies for improving job performance. Our lessons will go through all topics in-depth, so employees will come away from this chapter will all information they will need to see better sales results in their own careers. This chapter specifically contains lessons on:

  • The correlation between sales and business development
  • Plans, templates and examples of sales strategy
  • Different kinds of sales strategies
  • Strategies and tactics for B2B sales
  • Enhancing sales performance

Upon completing each corporate training lesson, your employees can use the practice quizzes to ensure that they have understood all of the main points on a given topic. The chapter culminates with a final exam, which will go over the most important points on this subject as whole.

How It Helps

  • Provides plans: By providing your employees with sales plans, these lessons will help them polish their performances in the workplace.
  • Offers templates: Your employees can watch these video lessons to get helpful templates for advancing their sales strategies.
  • Emphasizes strategy: In order to improve business development through sales, employees will need to implement the sales strategies that we go over in these video lessons.

Skills Covered

These lessons will be extremely helpful for any employee who wishes to:

  • Use specific sales strategies to improve their sales performance
  • Understand the different types of sales strategies
  • Implement tactics for improving sales
  • Recognize and plan for the different types of sales scenarios they will encounter

6 Lessons in Chapter 2: Sales Strategies & Business Development
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Business Development vs. Sales

1. Business Development vs. Sales

In this lesson, we'll define both terms - business development and sales - and then highlight how the two terms are closely related and often used interchangeably (which may not be correct).

Sales Strategy: Plan, Template & Examples

2. Sales Strategy: Plan, Template & Examples

Sales strategies help sales professionals work towards making their goals. Many businesses make a plan and stick to it. Today, I will talk about a sales plan, provide a template, and example.

Types of Sales Strategies

3. Types of Sales Strategies

The lesson will identify various sales strategies that can be used to help sellers assist consumers with making purchase decisions, including building relationships, being the product expert, hiring teachable people, and identifying the target market.

Sales Strategy & Marketing Strategy

4. Sales Strategy & Marketing Strategy

After you create a marketing strategy, you can then define a sales strategy. In this lesson, we will discuss the importance of utilizing a sales strategy and marketing strategy to help achieve goals.

B2B Sales Strategies & Tactics

5. B2B Sales Strategies & Tactics

Business-to-business (B2B) sales success depends on using proven sales strategies. In this lesson, we will discuss some of the strategies involved in a successful B2B sales process.

Strategies to Improve Sales Performance

6. Strategies to Improve Sales Performance

Meeting and exceeding sales expectations can be done by following some key steps. This lesson outlines effective strategies that can support the success of sales performance.

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