Ch 4: SAT Writing: Word Choice & Expression

About This Chapter

Study for the writing section of the SAT exam with this chapter of short lessons. Take your knowledge of word choice and expression to the next level. Test yourself on the information you have learned by taking quizzes.

SAT Writing: Word Choice & Expression - Chapter Summary

In this chapter, you can prepare for the writing portion of the SAT by viewing lessons about subjects related to word choice and expression, including active and passive speech and the effects of word choice on tone. Assess your knowledge by taking short quizzes at the end of each lesson. These quizzes contain multiple-choice questions like the ones you will see on your exam. Lessons in this chapter include the following:

  • Definition of syntax in writing
  • Ways structure impacts text style
  • Ways to determine incorrect usage of a word
  • Identifying relevant and irrelevant sentences within a passage

Our instructors are happy to answer any questions you have about the lessons and quizzes. Because this chapter is mobile-friendly, you can take it wherever you go. The worksheets are also printable to allow you to practice offline.

6 Lessons in Chapter 4: SAT Writing: Word Choice & Expression
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Syntax in Writing: Definition & Examples

1. Syntax in Writing: Definition & Examples

Syntax is how a writer puts his words together to create effect and artistry. Learn more about syntax and how authors use it to convey intent and cause impact for their readers.

Active and Passive Voice

2. Active and Passive Voice

You may have heard your teachers toss around the terms 'passive voice' and 'active voice'. But if you've never really understood what it means to write actively or passively, stick with us -- and learn how to turn to awkward passive sentences into bright, active ones.

How Structure Affects the Style of a Text

3. How Structure Affects the Style of a Text

In this lesson, we're going to explore the ways in which a text's structure affects its style. Focusing on nonfiction texts, we'll identify several common styles and see how they fit together with several common structures.

Impact of Word Choice on Meaning and Tone

4. Impact of Word Choice on Meaning and Tone

In this lesson, you'll learn how authors can influence the meaning and the emotional effect of a sentence just by choosing the right words or by making references and comparisons. You'll learn the appropriate literary terms along with examples for each.

How to Identify Wrong Word Use

5. How to Identify Wrong Word Use

Words are constantly being used incorrectly. Not sure if a word you used in your writing is correct? Watch this video lesson to learn three ways to identify errors in word use.

Identifying Irrelevant Sentences in a Passage

6. Identifying Irrelevant Sentences in a Passage

Irrelevant sentences can detract from the meaning of a passage. This lesson will explain what an irrelevant sentence is and demonstrate ways to identify them in a passage. We will end with a short quiz to test what you have learned.

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