Ch 15: SBA ELA - Grades 6-8: Identifying Themes in Written Works

About This Chapter

You can support your 6th-8th grade language arts students' review of identifying themes in written works for the summative SBA ELA with this compact assortment of lessons. Snappy quizzes and a chapter test can let you know in the span of minutes how they're doing!

SBA ELA - Grades 6-8: Identifying Themes in Written Works - Chapter Summary

Has your students' understanding of literary motifs grown a little hazy throughout the year? This chapter offers practical lessons on that topic and more to review all aspects of themes in writing for the SBA ELA (Smarter Balanced Assessment English Language Arts/Literacy) 6-8. All the topics below are ready and waiting for your use:

  • Examples of literature themes
  • Literary motifs
  • Implied main idea
  • Strategies for finding the central idea or theme
  • Setting, character and plot development related to theme

Our video lessons are a breeze to use and may be paused, repeated and viewed as many times as desired. They also offer video tags for ease of returning to specific parts of the presentations. Text lessons have links to additional information for even more learning support.

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