Ch 19: Scholarship Roles of CNEs

About This Chapter

In this chapter, recall the scholarship roles of CNEs. These lessons help you broaden your knowledge about the necessity of scholarly research and evidence gathering for CNEs, and the lessons also provide an overview of research practices and ethics.

Scholarship Roles of CNEs - Chapter Summary

Scholarship, or the pursuit of research, plays a major role for CNEs in higher education, and this chapter will help you get a better grasp on the impact of scholarship. Open up the lessons to take a closer look at the major terms and concepts associated with using evidence to develop a better student learning process. Once you go through all of the lessons, you should have the skills necessary to do the following:

  • Review the significance of scholarship for CNEs
  • Show evidence-based instruction methods for higher education
  • Determine the principles of evidence-based practice in nursing
  • Establish how to enhance student learning through colleague collaborations
  • Outline a general overview of academic integrity and related policies

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6 Lessons in Chapter 19: Scholarship Roles of CNEs
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Scholarship of Teaching for Certified Nurse Educators

1. Scholarship of Teaching for Certified Nurse Educators

This lesson will describe how to use evidence and research to incorporate scholarship into the role of nurse educator. The nurse educator will understand the importance of an inquiring mind, student development, critiquing evidence, and research participation.

Evidence-Based Instruction for Higher Education

2. Evidence-Based Instruction for Higher Education

In this lesson, we will explain the importance of using evidence based instruction to improve and support teaching in higher education. We will also provide resources for higher education teachers to find current research and peer reviewed articles.

Evidence-Based Practice: Definition & Principles

3. Evidence-Based Practice: Definition & Principles

If you were a patient in the hospital, would you want the best and most recent evidence to be used in your care? In this lesson, we will learn about the benefits of using evidence-based practice in nursing.

Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing

4. Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing

Healthcare is always changing and evolving. As such, nurses must constantly update their practice to keep up with change and ensure the best patient outcomes. This lesson discusses evidence-based practice and how it affects nursing.

Collaborating with Colleagues to Improve Student Learning

5. Collaborating with Colleagues to Improve Student Learning

As a teacher, you are not alone. You have a variety of other professionals to call upon to help improve student learning. In this lesson, we look at how to leverage their expertise to improve outcomes.

Academic Integrity: Definition, Policy & Overview

6. Academic Integrity: Definition, Policy & Overview

Academic integrity is the moral code by which education is administered. In this lesson, we will discuss the definition, current policies, and overview of academic integrity in modern academia.

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