Ch 11: Science Fair Ideas

About This Chapter

When these lessons are utilized, you will be presented with many different types of science fair ideas that can be used at your next science fair. Our professional instructors have knowledge of different types of experiments that can be used in science fairs.

Science Fair Ideas- Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Science fairs are meant to be fun, engaging and to promote the understanding of science. Science fairs allow students to demonstrate their knowledge of science and also increase their understanding of science concepts. Experiments that will be detailed in this chapter include those related to acids and bases, bubble gum, catapults, and fingerprints. You'll also be presented with science fair projects for first and second graders and college students. Additional science topics that will be discussed in this chapter include:

  • Lasers
  • The environment
  • Dogs
  • Candy
  • Football
  • Nail polish

17 Lessons in Chapter 11: Science Fair Ideas
Acid and Base Experiments

1. Acid and Base Experiments

Acid and base experiments can be performed relatively easily with a variety of common substances. Read on to get experiment ideas, discover where to find materials and learn important safety considerations.

Bubble Gum Science Fair Projects

2. Bubble Gum Science Fair Projects

The use of bubble gum is not typically encouraged in most classrooms, but it can be fun and surprising subject material for a science fair project.The interactive experiments below allow you to chew to your heart's content while testing different theories about bubble gum brands and elasticity, with useful science resources included.

Catapult Science Fair Project Ideas

3. Catapult Science Fair Project Ideas

Since ancient times, catapults have been iconic of siege warfare. A marvel of military innovation, catapults can still teach us a lot about engineering, physics, and history. Read on for ways you can bring the power of the catapult to your own science fair project.

Fingerprint Science Fair Project Ideas

4. Fingerprint Science Fair Project Ideas

Each person's fingerprints contain unique characteristics and qualities. Use the fingerprint science project ideas below to investigate and analyze the science behind fingerprints and check out some useful resources that correspond with each project.

Laser Science Fair Projects

5. Laser Science Fair Projects

Laser beams have a lot of uses and applications. Why not explore what lasers can teach us in your own science fair project in which the laser plays a feature role? Below are a couple of laser project ideas.

2nd Grade Science Fair Projects

6. 2nd Grade Science Fair Projects

Science fair projects can be great introductory experiences that help you learn about forming a hypothesis and conducting experiments to find answers to your questions. Browse the project ideas and resources listed below to see what experiments spark an interest for further learning.

1st Grade Science Fair Projects

7. 1st Grade Science Fair Projects

When choosing a science fair project for first grade, you may feel overwhelmed with the possibilities. Read on for a short list of experiments offering easy descriptions of projects that should be both fun and simple to perform.

Candy Science Fair Projects

8. Candy Science Fair Projects

Get directions for fun and educational science projects that involve candy. Find out what materials you need and find information about the scientific processes behind these projects.

How to Do a Science Fair Project

9. How to Do a Science Fair Project

When preparing a project for the science fair, using the scientific method can help you make sure that you have covered all areas of your experiment, answered all questions and are prepared for judging. Read on for more details on how to have your project science-fair ready.

Environmental Science Fair Projects

10. Environmental Science Fair Projects

Learn about the significance of environmental science fair projects, including how they help students become active participants in preserving the Earth. Explore resources for developing an environmental science project.

Football Science Fair Projects

11. Football Science Fair Projects

Combine science and your love of football for a science fair project that will analyze the science behind the game. You'll also find additional resources to help you understand concepts involved in each project.

Dog Science Fair Projects

12. Dog Science Fair Projects

Use your pet pup as inspiration for your next science fair project by checking out some of the projects below. Each activity is safe for both you and your pet and can help you learn a little more about your dog while also having fun.

College Science Fair Projects

13. College Science Fair Projects

Participating in college science fairs can help you explore different branches of scientific study while contributing valuable information to the scientific community. Check out a few project ideas to help you get started.

Nail Polish Science Fair Projects

14. Nail Polish Science Fair Projects

Nail polish is a great accessory for adding a pop of color, but did you know it can also be part of a fun science fair project? Test your favorite nail polish in one of the experiments below to find out how it fares in quality and endurance to the others.

Acid Rain Science Fair Projects

15. Acid Rain Science Fair Projects

Do you have students who are interested in ecology, chemistry, or materials science? These four acid rain science fair ideas, ranging in ability from elementary to high school, may be perfect for them.

Psychology Science Fair Project Ideas

16. Psychology Science Fair Project Ideas

In this psychology project, you'll be investigating participants' working memory. Specifically, you'll be trying to understand the average number of digits a person can hold in their working memory.

Food Preservation Experiments

17. Food Preservation Experiments

In this science fair experiment, we'll be testing the efficacy of various methods of food preservation. Try this lesson if you want to learn about how to keep your own food fresh and reduce food waste.

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