Ch 3: Science Fair Projects

About This Chapter

Use this collection of articles to get help with designing and creating your next science fair project. You'll find projects that range from quick and easy to advanced level. Get ideas for projects on variety of subjects and topics, such as physics, biology, sports, music and more!

Science Fair Projects - Summary of Articles and Topics

This chapter includes a wealth of information on science fair projects. Find project ideas that have to do with food, engineering, life science, even baseball. Whether you are a teacher looking for ideas to implement in the classroom or a student looking to put together a last-minute project, these articles are the place to start. In this chapter, you'll find resources for the following:

  • Project ideas on science topics such as life and environmental sciences, plants, electricity, chemistry, biology, physics and engineering
  • Sports projects
  • Titling your project
  • Projects for preschoolers and elementary education
  • Quick and easy projects

Article Topic
Quick Science Fair Projects Find projects that can be completed in a short period of time.
Last Minute Science Fair Projects Explore projects that will fit into a tight deadline.
Life Science Projects Look at project ideas in the life sciences.
Food Science Fair Projects Create projects that have to do with food and cooking.
Plant Science Fair Projects Get ideas for projects involving plants.
Music Science Fair Projects Discover the science of music with these project ideas.
Electricity Science Fair Projects Design a project that demonstrates how electricity works.
Science Fair Project Titles Get help with titling your project.
Science Projects for Preschoolers Come up with fun ideas to teach your preschoolers about science.
Science Projects for Kids Learning science is fun and easy with these project ideas for kids.
Science Fair Projects for Kids Help your students show off their science knowledge with these science fair project ideas.
Easy Science Fair Projects Learn about science projects that can be completed quickly and easily.
Chemistry Science Fair Projects Find ideas for projects involving chemistry.
Biology Science Fair Projects Review fun ideas for biology projects.
Physics Science Fair Projects Explore projects that demonstrate physics principles and laws.
Simple Science Fair Projects Get help designing projects that can be completed in a short period of time with minimal materials.
Engineering Science Fair Projects Discover projects on the principles of engineering.
Environmental Science Projects Review project ideas that relate to the environment.
Advanced Science Fair Projects See examples of higher-level science projects.
Basketball Science Fair Projects Look at projects involving basketball.
Sports Science Fair Projects Explore the science of sports with these project ideas.
Baseball Science Fair Projects Browse projects about baseball.
Soccer Science Fair Projects Design projects on the scientific principles involved in soccer.

18 Lessons in Chapter 3: Science Fair Projects
Life Science Projects

1. Life Science Projects

There are many options for how you can explore the life sciences through a project. In this article, we'll discuss some different ideas to take into consideration.

Science Projects for Preschoolers

2. Science Projects for Preschoolers

In preschool, kids can get their first exposure to the world of science by working on a project. Read this article for some ideas on how to help them put together their first ideas.

Science Projects for Kids

3. Science Projects for Kids

Creating a science project will be a fun adventure, but where should you start? Have a look at this article to get some ideas for your science project presentation.

Environmental Science Projects

4. Environmental Science Projects

In today's world, environmental science projects can be taken from the headlines. Read this article for some ideas on what to do for your project and how you might make a difference.

Cool Science Facts

5. Cool Science Facts

Learn some cool science facts and how they can be crafted into fun science projects with this article. You'll find the directions you need for these projects and discover some educational resources.

Video Game Science Fair Projects

6. Video Game Science Fair Projects

Designing science fair projects around video games can be a fun way to incorporate your gaming interests into your school life. Read on to learn about some easy ideas that you can use for your next science fair project and get links to related video resources.

Egg Drop Project Ideas

7. Egg Drop Project Ideas

Read this article to find out how to complete some egg drop projects. You'll find easy-to-follow instructions and additional resources to help your students.

Cell Project Ideas

8. Cell Project Ideas

Use this article to find ideas for fun cell projects. You'll find directions and lists of supplies for these projects. You can also learn about some additional educational resources dealing with the science of cells.

Animal Cell Project Ideas

9. Animal Cell Project Ideas

Creating an animal cell model as part of a school project might sound like a daunting task, but there are many fun and easy ways to create your own cell model. Read on to learn more about some of the options available.

Plant Cell Project Ideas

10. Plant Cell Project Ideas

Science projects can be overwhelming for parents and students alike. Read on for a list of potential plant cell projects that allow you to choose a model that will best fit your needs and available supplies.

Solar System Project Ideas

11. Solar System Project Ideas

The study of solar systems is an integral part of the science curriculum in most classrooms. Our solar system is traditionally the main focus of study, and quite often teachers will assign a solar system project. There are many fun and creative ways to approach a project of this nature. Check out some examples of ideas below.

Cell Analogy Project Ideas

12. Cell Analogy Project Ideas

Understanding cells and their structures is a crucial element of initial education. A fun and informative way for students to grasp what cells are and how they work is through cell analogy projects. Keep reading to learn more.

Earth Day Project Ideas

13. Earth Day Project Ideas

Use these fun project ideas to help students understand the importance of Earth Day. You'll find easy-to-follow directions and some additional resources for helping students learn about their environment.

Mole Day Project Ideas

14. Mole Day Project Ideas

What is a mole? Not the one on your skin or the one living in the ground! The one in chemistry! It's actually a big number and hard to grasp, but these easy projects can help you understand a mole more easily.

DNA Model Project Ideas

15. DNA Model Project Ideas

Find ideas for DNA model projects with this article. You can get information about the supplies your class will need, as well as easy-to-understand directions.

Layers of the Earth Project Ideas

16. Layers of the Earth Project Ideas

Use this article to find ideas for projects dealing with the layers of the Earth. You can learn what supplies you'll need and discover useful resources for studying each of the Earth's layers.

Sustainability Project Ideas

17. Sustainability Project Ideas

Sustainability is an important concept to teach to students of all ages. Children learn best when they participate in activities or projects that require them to demonstrate ways in which they can practice sustainability in their daily lives. Read on for sustainability project ideas you can use in your own classroom.

Earth Day Poster Ideas

18. Earth Day Poster Ideas

Find some fun ideas for science fair projects that involve Earth Day posters with this article. You'll be able to get some suggestions for creating these posters, as well as educational tips.

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