Ch 12: Science & Public Health

About This Chapter

Use the brief lessons in this chapter to spark your memory of subjects related to science and public health like the definition of nutrition, and others. Quick quizzes can be found at the end of each lesson to test what you know.

Science & Public Health - Chapter Summary

Liven up your study sessions by viewing the short lessons in this chapter about science and public health that cover the prevention of disease, types of vaccines and antibiotics, and more. Challenge your knowledge of the definition of medical terminology and examples of genetic engineering. Additional subjects you will encounter include the following:

  • Benefits of vitamin supplements
  • Definition of nutrition
  • Importance of food preservation
  • Definition and structure of viruses
  • Disease control
  • Viruses
  • Vitamin supplements
  • Genetic engineering
  • Definition and purpose of the Human Genome Project

Measure your understanding of the concepts by taking multiple-choice quizzes at the conclusion of each lesson. Because each lesson is mobile-friendly, it can be viewed on any device. Complete the chapter at your own pace.

9 Lessons in Chapter 12: Science & Public Health
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What is Nutrition?

1. What is Nutrition?

Nutrition is the process of taking in nutrients from the foods you eat. Learn about the six nutrients needed for energy, maintenance of tissues and regulation of bodily processes: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, water, vitamins and minerals.

Food Preservation: Explanation & Importance

2. Food Preservation: Explanation & Importance

Did you know there are many different ways we can preserve our food? If we didn't, we could get sick or die from the bacteria that grows in our food. This lesson not only describes ways to keep food safe, but also outlines the major importance of these methods!

Vitamin Supplements: Benefits & Risks

3. Vitamin Supplements: Benefits & Risks

Vitamin supplements are intended to add nutritional value to your diet. Learn about groups of people who may benefit from taking vitamin supplements and the possible risks involved when dietary supplements are added to your diet in this lesson.

Disease Control & Prevention

4. Disease Control & Prevention

This lesson will discuss the many different ways by which people can control disease. Everything from vaccination to sterilization and beyond will be mentioned so that you can better appreciate the large arsenal of tools at our disposal.

Antibiotics and Vaccines

5. Antibiotics and Vaccines

Do you know why children must get regularly vaccinated? Have you ever wondered how an antibiotic works and why they are so widely prescribed? If so, this lesson will help you to understand how changes in medicine have almost eliminated several deadly diseases and added decades to the average person's lifespan.

What Are Viruses? - Definition, Structure & Function

6. What Are Viruses? - Definition, Structure & Function

In this lesson, you'll learn some historical facts about viruses and the material they are composed of. Find out more as we review the capsid, nucleic acids, the viral envelope, viruses, virions, bacteriophages and virology.

What is Genetic Engineering? - Definition and Examples

7. What is Genetic Engineering? - Definition and Examples

How do we make the insulin used by diabetic patients? In this lesson, you'll learn the basics of how genetic engineering can be used to transform a bacterial host cell into a genetically-modified organism that produces human insulin.

What is the Human Genome Project? - Definition, Purpose & Benefits

8. What is the Human Genome Project? - Definition, Purpose & Benefits

We often hear about scientific research being done but may not truly understand what that entails. This is not one of those times. The Human Genome Project has allowed many breakthroughs in genetic research that affect us in a very tangible way, right here, right now.

Medical Technology: Definition & Examples

9. Medical Technology: Definition & Examples

In this lesson, learn what medical technology is and be able to list many examples of diagnosis and treatment medical technology, both simple and complex.

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