Ch 7: ScienceFusion Space Science Unit 2.4: The Terrestrial Planets

About This Chapter

The Terrestrial Planets chapter of this ScienceFusion Space Science Companion Course helps students learn the essential lessons associated with the terrestrial planets. Each of these simple and fun video lessons is about five minutes long and is sequenced to align with the Terrestrial Planets textbook chapter.

How It Works:

  • Identify the lessons in the ScienceFusion Terrestrial Planets chapter with which you need help.
  • Find the corresponding video lessons with this companion course chapter.
  • Watch fun videos that cover the the terrestrial planets topics you need to learn or review.
  • Complete the quizzes to test your understanding.
  • If you need additional help, rewatch the videos until you've mastered the material or submit a question for one of our instructors.

Students will learn:

  • How the inner planets differ from the outer planets
  • Mercury's surface characteristics, interior and atmosphere
  • To understand the atmospheric and surface features on Venus
  • How Earth's atmosphere formed and how it has changed over time
  • Mars' atmosphere and surface

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5 Lessons in Chapter 7: ScienceFusion Space Science Unit 2.4: The Terrestrial Planets
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Inner Planets of the Solar System: Mercury, Venus, Earth & Mars

1. Inner Planets of the Solar System: Mercury, Venus, Earth & Mars

Take a tour of the four inner planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. Known as the terrestrial planets, find out what makes each of them unique and how they are different from the outer planets, the gas giants.

The Surface & Atmosphere on Mercury

2. The Surface & Atmosphere on Mercury

This lesson will describe the planet Mercury's surface components and how they came to be as the planet formed. It will also go into the planet's interior and atmosphere.

The Surface & Atmosphere on Venus

3. The Surface & Atmosphere on Venus

This lesson will discuss the terrible atmosphere located on Venus, as well as its surface features and how the planet differs from Earth's geologic processes.

The Atmosphere on Earth

4. The Atmosphere on Earth

This lesson describes the evolution of the Earth's atmosphere, from its ancient past to the present day to how it's being changed by humans today. You'll learn about how outgassing, photosynthesis, and oceans all played a role in its formation, what air is composed of, and the real effect of human pollution on our changing atmosphere.

The Surface & Atmosphere on Mars

5. The Surface & Atmosphere on Mars

One little mistranslation spawned generations worth of theories about life on Mars. But is there any real evidence for the possibility of life on Mars? What is the Martian atmosphere and surface really like? Can it support life? Find out in this lesson.

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