Ch 7: Security in Operating Systems

About This Chapter

For an overview of operating system security concepts, take a look at this convenient online computer science chapter. The chapter's short lessons and quizzes can benefit anyone who needs to study these concepts for exams, projects, homework or class assignments.

Security in Operating Systems - Chapter Summary

Work through this chapter at your own pace to review the fundamentals of security in operating systems. These bite-sized and expertly taught lessons show you various computer security risks and policies, as well as the applications of operating systems in computer security. Following each lesson is a short quiz to help you check your understanding of key terms and concepts. Access the chapter at any time that fits your schedule, and when you're finished, you should be able to:

  • Define basic computer security terms
  • Compare types of computer security methods and risks
  • Evaluate examples of computer security policies
  • Explain how operating systems are used in security
  • Describe the use of operating system security in regards to user access
  • Install Oracle and Linux on a VirtualBox
  • Assess the practical applications of Linux process management

9 Lessons in Chapter 7: Security in Operating Systems
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What is Computer Security? - Definition & Basics

1. What is Computer Security? - Definition & Basics

This lesson defines computer security as a part of information security. It describes hardware, software, and firmware security. Common practices for implementing computer security are also included.

What is a Computer Security Risk? - Definition & Types

2. What is a Computer Security Risk? - Definition & Types

Your computer is at risk! It's all over the news. We hear it every day, but what does that mean? What is a computer security risk? In this lesson, we'll define it and give some examples.

Types of Computer Security

3. Types of Computer Security

From financial records to national defense, computers play a critical role in many activities, and with this power comes the need for security. In this lesson, you'll learn about the different types of computer security and controlling access from inside and out.

Computer Security Policies Examples

4. Computer Security Policies Examples

This lesson provides an explanation as to how and why a policy is formed as a basis for understanding the driving forces behind computer security policies. Common computer security policies and examples are discussed.

The Role of Operating Systems in Security

5. The Role of Operating Systems in Security

In this lesson, we'll explore the role of operating systems in maintaining the security of computer systems. We'll talk about methods like backups, firewalls, and protection against viruses and intrusion detection that help in securing our systems.

Security for User Access in Operating Systems

6. Security for User Access in Operating Systems

In this lesson, we will learn about the different layers of security used to restrict user access to a computer system. We also will examine the significance of securing user access by limiting physical proximity, using strong password combinations, managing user permissions, watching network services, and monitoring logs and audit files.

How to Install Oracle VM VirtualBox

7. How to Install Oracle VM VirtualBox

This lesson will explain the concepts of virtualization and its importance while studying operating systems. We will share most popular virtualization softwares and also provide steps to install Oracle VM VirtualBox on your computer.

How to Install Linux on a VirtualBox

8. How to Install Linux on a VirtualBox

This lesson shows a step-by-step process to install a Linux distribution on VirtualBox host using Ubuntu as an example. You'll discover how easy it is to explore Linux while keeping your existing operating system without partitioning or rebooting.

Practical Application for Operating Systems: Managing Processes in Linux

9. Practical Application for Operating Systems: Managing Processes in Linux

In this lesson, you will learn some basic commands along with their associated flags in the Linux terminal to list running processes and how to manage them.

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