Ch 19: Senses & Perception

About This Chapter

Study for an upcoming test covering senses and perception by reviewing fun lessons and taking multiple-choice assessment quizzes. This chapter simplifies the studying process by deepening your existing knowledge and providing tools to gauge your comprehension.

Senses & Perception - Chapter Summary

Enjoy the ability to study senses and perception concepts from home or anywhere with an Internet connection using this chapter. Examine depth perception, perceptual development, the mechanics of hearing and more without setting foot in a traditional classroom. Review this chapter's video lessons at any frequency that suits your study schedule. When finished, you will have the knowledge to:

  • Discuss the basics of sensation and perception
  • Explain how vision works
  • Provide a detailed description of depth perception
  • Define the mechanics of hearing
  • Describe smell, touch and taste
  • Share the definition of perceptual development

All of the lessons in this chapter are available 24/7 and can be accessed using any tablet, smartphone or computer. Review them as short videos or full transcripts to study senses and perception your way. Feel free to send questions to our experts to expand your knowledge of lesson concepts. When ready, assess your understanding of chapter topics by taking multiple-choice quizzes and a broader practice exam.

6 Lessons in Chapter 19: Senses & Perception
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Intro to Sensation and Perception

1. Intro to Sensation and Perception

What is the difference between sensation and perception, and how do they work? You'll get to see how the mind handles and differentiates between multiple sensations in this introduction.

How Does Vision Work?

2. How Does Vision Work?

How do your eyes and brain work together to turn light into images? You'll learn about the working components of the eye and take a look at two theories of color perception.

What is Depth Perception? - Definition, Cues & Examples

3. What is Depth Perception? - Definition, Cues & Examples

How do our brains make 3-D images out of 2-D inputs? In this lesson, you'll explore various visual cues that require either one eye or both eyes. Prepare to look at depth perception in a new way.

Mechanics of Hearing & How the Brain Processes Sound

4. Mechanics of Hearing & How the Brain Processes Sound

How do our ears transform sound into signals that our brains can process? In this lesson, you'll cover properties of sound waves and how they interact with key parts of the ear.

Taste, Touch & Smell: Proprioception & the Somatosensory System

5. Taste, Touch & Smell: Proprioception & the Somatosensory System

How do taste, touch and smell work? Also, what is proprioception? Throughout this lesson, you'll get a detailed description on each of these remarkable senses.

Perceptual Development in Infants

6. Perceptual Development in Infants

Why are some senses more developed than others for a newborn? You'll learn which senses are initially important for infants to bond with and recognize their mothers and which one is still in development after birth.

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