Ch 16: Series, Parallel & Multi-Loop Circuits

About This Chapter

Review series, multi-loop and parallel circuits at your own pace with this engaging chapter. Concise lessons and multiple-choice quizzes are designed to enhance the learning process. Access the materials 24 hours a day on a mobile device or computer.

Series, Parallel & Multi-Loop Circuits - Chapter Summary

In this interesting chapter, you'll find lessons on parallel, multi-loop and series circuits. Some of the topics outlined here include the definitions and concepts associated with these circuits and the calculations used to find resistance and current in them. This chapter is designed to help you:

  • Define a series circuit
  • Outline the concept of a parallel circuit
  • Calculate power and voltage changes in a multi-loop circuit
  • Understand how to calculate current and resistance in a multi-loop circuit
  • Design and interpret combination circuits

We've provided these topics in an interactive format and, for your convenience, made this chapter accessible to you at any time. The lesson quizzes and chapter test give you a handy way to assess your understanding. If you have any questions about these subjects, reach out to an instructor through the Dashboard.

7 Lessons in Chapter 16: Series, Parallel & Multi-Loop Circuits
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Series Circuits: Definition & Concepts

1. Series Circuits: Definition & Concepts

When you flip a switch to turn your lights on, you are completing a circuit and providing a pathway for electrons to flow. In this lesson, you'll learn how connecting devices in a series along that circuit affects the current and resistance throughout.

Parallel Circuits: Definition & Concepts

2. Parallel Circuits: Definition & Concepts

People moving through an airport are similar to electrons moving through a circuit. Parallel circuits are one type of simple circuit, and they get their name from the multiple, parallel paths they provide for electron flow.

Calculating Power in Multi-Loop Circuits

3. Calculating Power in Multi-Loop Circuits

Power is important in modern life. But do you know how to calculate how much power a circuit uses? Learn how to calculate power for parallel (or multi-loop) circuits. Try it yourself in a quiz.

Calculating Voltage Changes in Multi-Loop Circuits

4. Calculating Voltage Changes in Multi-Loop Circuits

Calculating voltages can be easy or hard depending on the way the circuit is structured. Learn how to calculate voltages in multi-loop circuits. Take a quiz and see how many problems you can solve.

Calculating Current in Multi-Loop Circuits

5. Calculating Current in Multi-Loop Circuits

To calculate the current in each branch of a multi-loop circuit, you should use Kirchhoff's circuit rules. In this lesson, learn about these rules and how to apply them to multi-loop circuits.

Calculating Resistance in Multi-Loop Circuits

6. Calculating Resistance in Multi-Loop Circuits

What is resistance? Learn the basics of resistance, and complete calculations for the total resistance in a multi-loop circuit. Then try a quiz to test your skills.

Interpreting & Designing Combination Circuits

7. Interpreting & Designing Combination Circuits

Simple circuits can be useful, but most real circuits require a combination of resistors, capacitors, and inductors designed to produce exactly the right voltage and current needed.

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