Ch 9: Sexual Offenses & Offenders Overview

About This Chapter

Complete this criminal justice chapter to review sexual offense crimes, offenders and laws. The chapter resources can be used for test preparation, homework help, catching up in class or any academic need.

Sexual Offenses & Offenders Overview - Chapter Summary

This informative criminal justice chapter provides legal information regarding types of sexual offenses and offenders. Our expert instructors show you laws, characteristics and statistics related to crimes like sexual assault, solicitation and sexual abuse. Each lesson comes with a short quiz, and we encourage you to take the chapter exam to reinforce your understanding of these topics. You can access the chapter whenever you have free time in your schedule. If you have any questions, our instructors will be happy to assist you. Upon completion of the chapter, you should be able to:

  • Evaluate sexual assault, sexual battery and solicitation laws
  • Define crimes against morality
  • Assess child sexual abuse statistics
  • Interpret laws regarding the age of consent
  • Explain frotteurism, pedophilia and voyeurism characteristics

7 Lessons in Chapter 9: Sexual Offenses & Offenders Overview
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Sexual Assault: Laws & Definition

1. Sexual Assault: Laws & Definition

In this lesson, let's learn what sexual assault is and the laws that deal with it. Specifically, the laws in the Commonwealth of Virginia will be explored in this lesson since they are representative of most states' laws.

Sexual Battery: Definition & Law

2. Sexual Battery: Definition & Law

Learn what constitutes sexual battery. Distinguish sexual battery from sexual assault. Finally, review the laws and consequences of what happens when one is found guilty of committing sexual battery.

Crimes Against Morality: Definition & Examples

3. Crimes Against Morality: Definition & Examples

In this lesson, we will learn about crimes against morality. We will look at what these crimes are, what they mean, and take a closer look at some specific examples.

Solicitation: Definition & Laws

4. Solicitation: Definition & Laws

Learn what constitutes solicitation in the legal world. We'll examine the definition of solicitation and review laws that govern this crime. Once you have completed this lesson, you will have a thorough understanding of solicitation.

Child Sexual Abuse: Definition & Statistics

5. Child Sexual Abuse: Definition & Statistics

This lesson discusses how child sexual abuse is defined and relates relevant statistics. A broad definition that covers all aspects of child sexual abuse is given along with statistics related to prevalence and outcomes.

Age of Consent: Definition, History & Laws

6. Age of Consent: Definition, History & Laws

The age of consent is when a person is considered legally able to agree to engage in sexual intercourse. This lesson is a brief overview of the definition, history, and laws pertaining to the age of consent.

Characteristics of Voyeurism, Frotteurism & Pedophilia

7. Characteristics of Voyeurism, Frotteurism & Pedophilia

What happens when someone becomes a peeping Tom? How do you treat people who feel the urge to rub up against nonconsenting people? And how do you treat someone who is attracted to young children? In this lesson we'll explore voyeurism, frotteurism, and pedophilia.

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