Ch 8: Sexual Offenses

About This Chapter

This self-paced chapter offers a comprehensive overview of sexual offenses and related laws. Review short lessons and take multiple-choice quizzes at your convenience to boost your knowledge and improve your ability to excel on an upcoming exam, assignment or project.

Sexual Offenses - Chapter Summary

By exploring this chapter's bite-sized lessons, you can garner a quality understanding of sexual offenses that include sexual assault, sexual battery and sodomy. Learn the definitions of these and other offenses and also gain greater insight into laws designed to protect victims. Each lesson in this chapter is accompanied by a multiple-choice quiz you can take any time to assess your understanding of these sexual offenses. If you develop questions as you study the lessons, be sure to submit them to our experts via the dashboard. After completing this chapter, you will be ready to do the following:

  • Define and discuss laws associated with sexual assault
  • Share the definition and consequences of sexual assault
  • Explain the meaning of sodomy and related laws
  • Summarize the Supreme Court case Lawrence v. Texas
  • Detail the history and laws of marital and acquaintance rape
  • Outline the history of rape shield laws
  • Offer the definition and history of the age of consent
  • List and describe types of sexual offenders

8 Lessons in Chapter 8: Sexual Offenses
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Sexual Assault: Laws & Definition

1. Sexual Assault: Laws & Definition

In this lesson, let's learn what sexual assault is and the laws that deal with it. Specifically, the laws in the Commonwealth of Virginia will be explored in this lesson since they are representative of most states' laws.

Sexual Battery: Definition & Law

2. Sexual Battery: Definition & Law

Learn what constitutes sexual battery. Distinguish sexual battery from sexual assault. Finally, review the laws and consequences of what happens when one is found guilty of committing sexual battery.

Sodomy: Legal Definition & Laws

3. Sodomy: Legal Definition & Laws

Have you ever wondered what laws are in place about sodomy? Or even, what is sodomy? In this lesson, you'll not only learn what the legal definition is, you'll also explore the laws that still address it today, even if they are not enforced.

Lawrence v. Texas: Case Brief & Summary

4. Lawrence v. Texas: Case Brief & Summary

''Lawrence v. Texas'' is a Supreme Court case from 2003 which discusses the equal protection clause in the context of sexual conduct. In this lesson, we will learn about the case and the Fourteenth Amendment.

Marital & Acquaintance Rape: Definition, History, & Laws

5. Marital & Acquaintance Rape: Definition, History, & Laws

Consent is always a defense to a charge of rape, but it is often difficult to prove. In this lesson, we will look at the history and the issues surrounding marital and acquaintance rape.

Rape Shield Laws: Definition & History

6. Rape Shield Laws: Definition & History

When someone is accused of rape, the law sometimes limits the type of evidence that the defendant can present at trial. In this lesson, we will look at the definition and history of rape shield laws.

Age of Consent: Definition, History & Laws

7. Age of Consent: Definition, History & Laws

The age of consent is when a person is considered legally able to agree to engage in sexual intercourse. This lesson is a brief overview of the definition, history, and laws pertaining to the age of consent.

Sex Offenders: Definition, Types, Laws & Rights

8. Sex Offenders: Definition, Types, Laws & Rights

Learn about sex offenders. Specifically, review the definition of a sex offender and the different types of offenses. Moreover, we'll also examine the laws on sex offenses and the rights of sex offenders. Then you can test your knowledge with a quiz.

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