Ch 4: Shakespeare Flashcards

About This Chapter

Work through this collection of interactive flashcard sets to review Shakespearean terms, characters and plays. These fun and convenient study aids can benefit anyone who needs to study for an upcoming Shakespeare exam, bring up their literature grades or catch up in class.

Shakespeare Flashcards - Summary

You're in the right place if you need to review William Shakespeare's plays and characters. Flip through these fun and easy-to-use flashcards at any time to commit important Shakespearean terminology to memory. Some of the plays you can expect to study include:

  • Cymbeline
  • Much Ado About Nothing
  • Twelfth Night

How They Work

As you work through these Shakespeare flashcards, keep track of the terms you already know and the ones that you don't. You can repeat difficult flashcards until you've fully memorized them.

  •  Open a flashcard set for the topic you're studying.
  •  Identify the image, word, or name on the flashcard.
  •  Click the button to flip the card and view the answer.
  •  Select whether you got it right or missed it to keep track of your progress.
  •  Click the Next arrow to proceed through the flashcard set.
  •  Review the cards you missed or shuffle all cards back in and go through them again.

6 Lessons in Chapter 4: Shakespeare Flashcards
Cymbeline Character List & Flashcards

Cymbeline Character List & Flashcards

Shakespeare's later plays were labeled romances because they were neither all that funny or all that tragic but there were usually star crossed lovers involved. In this set you will learn about the characters in one such play about Cymbeline, a British King who is duped by his evil new wife the Queen and his daughter Imogen. Learning these characters will help you sort out the mess that ensues!

Much Ado About Nothing Flashcards

Much Ado About Nothing Flashcards

Are you reading William Shakespeare's comedy, 'Much Ado About Nothing'? This set of flashcards can help you to review characters, set, and plot in this famous play of bickering lovers, meddling friends, and mistaken identity.

Shakespeare's Plays List & Flashcards

Shakespeare's Plays List & Flashcards

This flashcard set offers a brief overview of each of Shakespeare's plays and other vocabulary to help understand the language and style of the Bard's vast array of works.

Shakespearean Terms Flashcards

Shakespearean Terms Flashcards

This set of flashcards will help you understand the work of William Shakespeare by introducing several of the obscure words used in his plays as well as introduce words he invented.

Twelfth Night Character List & Flashcards

Twelfth Night Character List & Flashcards

This set of flashcards will cover all of the major and secondary characters in William Shakespeare's comedy play Twelfth Night. You can use these cards to keep track of the characters and their complex relationships.

Shakespeare Plays List & Flashcards

Shakespeare Plays List & Flashcards

This flashcard set features 27 of William Shakespeare's most famous plays. See if you can identify the title of the Shakespeare play when given the type of play (comedy, tragedy, or history), and the basic plot line.

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