Ch 19: Shapes for Elementary School

About This Chapter

This chapter includes helpful lessons to assist elementary school students in learning about shapes. Parents and teachers can share these lessons with their students to help them better understand basic geometric concepts.

Shapes for Elementary School - Chapter Summary

Although elementary school students work and play with different shapes every day, they may need extra help when it comes time to learn about the actual geometric principles of shapes. This chapter contains useful lessons that parents and teachers can share with their students to help them with homework or prepare for tests on shapes. The online format of these lessons provides students with a convenient and easy-to-use medium for learning. The chapter also offers practice quizzes that can be used to see how well your elementary school student understood these topics.

Who It's For

Kids who need extra help with shapes will benefit from the lessons in this chapter. There's no faster or easier way to learn about shapes.

  • Students who have fallen behind in understanding geometric shapes
  • Students who have learning disabilities or need a little extra help learning about shapes
  • Students who prefer multiple ways of learning math (visual or auditory)
  • Students who have missed class and need to catch up
  • Students who need an efficient and convenient way to learn about shapes
  • Students who struggle to understand their math teachers
  • Students who attend schools without extra math resources

How It Works

  • Find lessons in the chapter that cover the shape topics that your student needs to learn or review.
  • Press play to watch the video lesson with your student or read through the text lesson.
  • Review the lesson or video transcripts, emphasizing the highlighted vocab words to reinforce learning about the characteristics of different shapes.
  • Test your student's understanding of each lesson with short quizzes.
  • Verify your student understands shapes by completing the Shapes for Elementary School chapter exam.

10 Lessons in Chapter 19: Shapes for Elementary School
Test your knowledge with a 30-question chapter practice test
Vertex Angle of an Isosceles Triangle

1. Vertex Angle of an Isosceles Triangle

You probably know what an angle is, but what is a vertex? Or for that matter, what is an isosceles triangle? And where is the vertex angle in an isosceles triangle? Don't know? That's okay. You are about to find out.

Vertex Angles of a Kite: Lesson for Kids

2. Vertex Angles of a Kite: Lesson for Kids

A kite has a special design shape that makes it fly. The vertex angles are a feature of the kite that you'll need to know about if you ever want to make one. Read this lesson to learn more.

Geometric Shapes in Nature

3. Geometric Shapes in Nature

When you look around, you see many shapes and designs, both human-made and natural. There are geometric shapes seemingly everywhere you look! Did you know that many circles, cubes, stars, and squares occur naturally by design? Find out more in this lesson.

Perimeter & Area of a Square

4. Perimeter & Area of a Square

You can measure your height, your weight, or even your age. Right? Did you know that you can also measure a square? Yep. Let's learn all about measuring squares!

Identifying Geometric Shapes in the Real World

5. Identifying Geometric Shapes in the Real World

You learn about shapes in school when you are learning about geometry. However, you might not realize that there are examples of shapes all over the world. Come and learn about some examples that you can see in the world around you.

Area & Angles of an Octagon

6. Area & Angles of an Octagon

In this lesson, we will learn how to calculate the area of an octagon and measure its interior angles. We will also learn how to apply this information to solve everyday problems.

Shapes with Right Angles

7. Shapes with Right Angles

What do squares, rectangles, and right triangles have in common? They all contain at least one right angle! This lesson will describe what a right angle is and discuss shapes that contain them.

Surface Area of Composite Figures

8. Surface Area of Composite Figures

Your friend Jaden is building a birdhouse made of a rectangular prism and a triangular prism. She wants to know if the red paint she has is enough to paint the outside of the birdhouse. To do this, she needs to find the surface area of the birdhouse.

Rotational & Radial Symmetry: Lesson for Kids

9. Rotational & Radial Symmetry: Lesson for Kids

Symmetry is all around you! In this lesson, you will learn about two types of symmetry: rotational and radial. You will learn the definition of both and how to recognize these types of symmetry in shapes and objects.

Uniform Cross Section: Meaning & Examples

10. Uniform Cross Section: Meaning & Examples

You may not have heard of something called a uniform cross section, but you probably have several things in your house that might have one. In this lesson, you'll learn the definition of a uniform cross section and how to spot an example.

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