Ch 13: SHSAT Math: Absolute Value

About This Chapter

The short video lessons in this chapter provide a comprehensive overview of absolute value. Watch the lessons and take short quizzes designed to assess your comprehension of the materials and readiness to take the SHSAT exam.

SHSAT Math: Absolute Value - Chapter Summary

Preparing for the SHSAT involves studying a wide variety of verbal and math subjects. In this chapter, you can learn more about absolute value to make sure you're ready to answer math questions related to:

  • Understanding the meaning of absolute value
  • Evaluating absolute value expressions
  • Solving an absolute value equation
  • Graphing an absolute value and doing transformations
  • Reviewing transformations of absolute value graphs

The lessons in this chapter help you streamline your studying process by being accessible 24/7 and viewable in any sequence that works for you. Instructors in the lessons are lighthearted and entertaining, while still offering expert insight to ensure you fully comprehend absolute value.

SHSAT Math: Absolute Value Chapter Objectives

A primary objective of this absolute value chapter is to help you strengthen your knowledge of the subject to ensure you're ready to answer related questions on the SHSAT. The exam is required for students in grades 8 and 9 who want to attend one of the eight New York City specialized high schools. The schools admit students based on the composite score they earn on the exam by ranking them and choosing individuals with the highest scores until attendance is full.

The test is composed of a verbal and mathematics section, with the math section consisting of 50 multiple-choice word problems and computation questions. You can increase your chances of earning a high score by watching the lessons in this chapter, utilizing full transcripts that provide a written version of the lessons and taking the self-assessment quiz with each video. Any questions you have about lesson topics can be submitted to our experts.

6 Lessons in Chapter 13: SHSAT Math: Absolute Value
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What is an Absolute Value?

1. What is an Absolute Value?

When we're talking and comparing numbers, we often don't care whether its positive or negative, just how big it is. This is often called the magnitude of a number and we find it by taking the absolute value. Learn all about it here!

How to Evaluate Absolute Value Expressions

2. How to Evaluate Absolute Value Expressions

Substituting values into absolute values doesn't have to be too hard, but it can be if you're given deceiving beginning information. See if you're up to it by checking out this video!

How to Solve an Absolute Value Equation

3. How to Solve an Absolute Value Equation

Once you get familiar with any new operation, the next step in any algebra class is to learn how to solve equations with that operation in them. Absolute values are no different. Solve absolute value equations here!

Solving Absolute Value Practice Problems

4. Solving Absolute Value Practice Problems

There are many easy mistakes to make when solving absolute value equations. Learn how to avoid those mistakes here by working on examples of absolute value equations with operations on the inside and the outside of the absolute value.

How to Graph an Absolute Value and Do Transformations

5. How to Graph an Absolute Value and Do Transformations

Absolute value graphs normally look like the letter 'V', but transformations can change that 'V' in a number of different ways. As well as teaching you how to graph absolute values, this video will focus on a specific group of transformations called translations. Learn all about what that means here!

Graphing Absolute Value Equations: Dilations & Reflections

6. Graphing Absolute Value Equations: Dilations & Reflections

Although a basic absolute value graph isn't complicated, transformations can make them sufficiently confusing! In this lesson, you'll practice different transformations of absolute value graphs.

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